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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Ocean Road

ur day trip along the Great Ocean Road had started out fairly fine. I can see why people opt for a tour to see the coastline... it is nothing short of spectacular.

It is usually the photographer's dream to capture the seascape here at sunrise or sunset.We had started our journey from Melbourne  in the morning after sunrise of course, and missed that photo opportunity. However as the day progressed, it was evident that we were in for some dramatic action. It was certainly not your run-of-he-mill ocean scenery we were about to witness.

As dark clouds rolled over the Southern Ocean, we were afraid that a storm would erupt, and that would ruin our chances of seeing The Twelve Apostles. Looking down from the cliff-top, we could sense the turbulence that was beginning to build up. It was a magnificent, threatening other words,beautiful! To a photographer, this was the photo opportunity that is better than any sunrise or sunset scene.

We could still make out the limestone rock formations of The Twelve Apostles. The muddy-yellow colour stacks have been created since 10-20 million years ago, and they stand about 45 metres high.

And look at the colour of the sea above. It looks like a black and white photograph! The wind was getting bolder, but the Sun behind the clouds refused to lose the battle with Neptune who had tried earlier to create mischief with some  wave-action. The sun cast an eerie shimmering light in silent victory over the wind and the storm failed to make an entrance. All we were left with were petulant clouds that insisted on covering the waters in shadowy darkness.

I wouldn't have missed this for any sunset for my Australian Great Ocean scenery!!!

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  1. It look so beautiful shots...Happy WW!

  2. @ Gengen - Thank you. Welcome to mygardenhaven!

  3. WOW! these are stunning photos. you're right, this place is spectacular!

  4. Thanks Luna Miranda, this is a great trip to take.


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