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Friday, December 10, 2010

Temple Garden Of Peace And Harmony

The beauty of this temple garden is not only in its symmetrical design or subdued interplay of colours, but in the feeling of harmony with Nature that it exudes. The use of wooden slats or stones for pathways, natural rocks and and white stone statues bespeak the importance given to harmony of nature in this garden. Take a look at the last photograph where the wooden walkway is built around a boulder that is allowed to remain where it is. This form of landscaping is an illustration of a green design. I guess one does not always have to uproot, unearth or destroy for the benefit of design. The poster below of the poem entitled “Without Words” says it all…different elements of Nature conversing without words…there are no boundaries.

The plum blossoms are all of one variety of sweet pink and white hues. The cool crisp air is invigorating in this pristine haven, a place perfect for meditation. If you are in Auckland, ask for directions to this wonderfully serene garden. I loved the ambiance there and I am sure you will love it too.

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