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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introducing My Garden Helpers

My elegant snowy-white swan is the receptionist. She will regale you with tales of the goings-on here while you wait.

Hi there my new circle of friends. I’m just too thrilled for words to have you come by and stay awhile, chat and share. I wish I could serve you all some coffee and cheesecake. Visiting your blogs have opened my eyes to all the possibilities awaiting me in my new garden-blogging passion. I am in the midst of reconstructing my blog in this new address, and will be busy for a few days. I might not be here to personally welcome you to my blog, but I shall leave you in the safe hands of  some of my garden helpers – to greet you and keep you company when you come and visit.

This old gardener's job is to watch the gerberas bloom. 

This seagull came home with me from my holiday in Bali just to oversee the celosia's progress.

          What is it they say about birds of a feather? Certainly not true with these ladies here!

This is of course the guy I just cannot do without in my garden, Mr. Sprinkler!

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