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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bringing you Bromeliads from Borneo

Hi, I'm back from my short break. I was in Sarawak on the island of Borneo, and did I have a break! In the span of one week, I had enough excitement and unforgettable encounters with the flora and fauna of Sarawak to fill many, many posts in my garden blog as well as my travel blog.

I shall begin with the domestic flora encounters in the safe environment of the Orchid Garden of Kuching City first of all, and then proceed to the more exciting varieties of the flora of the mangrove swamps in my later posts.

The Orchid Garden in Kuching had displays of fabulous orchids, of course, but there were unexpected surprises in store too. The bromeliads which were part of the side attraction were wonderfully breath-taking too. I am not familiar with the varieties there, so this post is not one with plant profiles, but I'm relying on the showy flowers to speak for themselves.

striking, love her flair
spectacular, but  beware 
her prickly thorns stab

(for Sensational Haiku Wednesday)

how impossible
to fathom capricious fate
 meandering leaf

(Haiku Heights: prompt - Impossible)

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