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Friday, October 14, 2011

Paradise for Orchid Lovers

The Orchid Garden in Kuching, Sarawak in East Malaysia is well maintained, and a stroll in this garden is delightful. The varieties they have here are mind boggling, so I'm not even attempting to ID all the orchids. Some of the orchid beds have tags, but most are deemed identifiable, I guess, but not to a novice like me. If you happen to see any that you are familiar with, do share your knowledge in the comment box, won't you?

I can't possibly put all my photographs in one post, as there are too many, so for today's post, I shall....well, I shall just give you an overview of the garden and present some close-ups.

This public garden is located right in the city of Kuching, just adjacent to the Astana (Palace).From the city centre, we can see the Palace across the Sarawak River and what is quite unusual for me but which is common to those who live in this land of many rivers, is that we have to catch a boat to ferry us across that river. The price of the ride? A mere fifty cents! Here's our boatman!  

There's the Palace.

We have to walk past the Palace gates to get to the Orchid Garden.

Here it is, The Orchid Garden!

From inside the garden, we can see another landmark of Kuching, the State Legislative building.


vigour  resonates
vibrant and strong in your youth
song of orchids trill

(Haiku Heights - prompt : vibrant)

the perfume of you
drifts in my sublimal dreams
rare, mystic orchid

(For Sensational Haiku Wednesday - prompt: rare)

For Tootsie

 rain falls
on tired orchids 
petals curl up in storm
unbeaten they unfold again
sun shines

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  1. Whoa.....

    I especially like the spiral leaved one--it's just too pretty.
    What a grand palace. I'm going to go back and click, I've got more investigating of the details to do.
    Fifty cents for the ride? I mighta been going back and forth a lot. LOL

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful post.

  3. Clever way of combining the beautiful pics and the haiku. Close-ups can be exhilarating! Thanks for sharing Rosie!


  4. The orchids are beautiful ladies.

  5. wow - so lovely orchids! thanks for sharing with weekend flowers :)

  6. i don't know which one to pick--they are all beautiful! marvelous photos.

  7. What a beauty Rosie!
    They are all gorgeous but the second last one with the twisted petals looks so interesting.

  8. The palace is amazing, but the orchids are Incredible! Every orchid is just perfection, so many colors. What a wonderful tour.

  9. The area looks inviting, the orchids are still young, and although the orchids are ordinary varieties they are growing well

  10. Beautiful series of images! You've taken us on a lovely visit.

  11. Thanks I enjoyed looking at your beautiful series of flowers!

  12. Beautiful Rosie, love the big mauve/pink orchid about the middle of your collection.

    (It would be quicker for everyone to leave a comment Rosie if you were able to turn off word verification - and it doesn't seem to have any effect on spam) :)

  13. That place would be so lovely to visit. Those scented orchids are my favourites from your photos.

  14. Breathtaking pictures!!
    Thank you for posting your pictures for all Today's Flowers participants to see!!
    - Cheers from Canada.

  15. Awesome shots and what a beautiful park!

  16. Your shots of the orchids are absolutely gorgeous. You don't need any photography tips from me. Looks like I should be learning from you instead.

  17. What a treat! I had to scroll through a few times to enjoy these orchids. I have never seen so many interesting varieties, nor have I ever seen them staked in this manner.

  18. Was in Kuching many years back but did not go to this place... very pretty orchids...

  19. That really is an orchid paradise. Never realised there were so many varities. Thank you for sharing and boardening my knowledge.

  20. Never know the place, thanks for sharing. Those orchids are beautiful. Wish be there, one day. Thanks for sharing ;)


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