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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Touch of Green

  Flaunting my touch of green this Friday. It is about time the green leaves came out to take a bow. My garden haven wouldn't be what she is today without the various shades of green and the fascinating shapes of the foliage lending their particular touch to the landscape.

Bauhinia Kockiana

Finger Palm


Lotus leaf

Japanese bamboo



Green Bamboo
Hope the green does a little good for your eyes. Go click on the links here for a touch of  green and more!

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  1. Rosie, Glad to see you back. I would call that a big, huge splash of GREEN. You have made sure they thrive while you were away.

  2. @ One - yes, I admit I over-indulged myself with huge splashes of was supposed to be a pinch of green (hope Katarina forgives me) ;-)

  3. Rosie lovely nice to see it eyes needed some color...

  4. @ Donna - In my garden, it is green all year round, so come visit more often. ;)


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