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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Macro Flowers Saturday - The Stately Camellia

I've been seeing a lot of Camellia lately...and mind you, she's a busy lady!

In the province of Yunnan in China, the camellia is the flower that  has been selected as the provincial flower. You can see her the streets and tourist areas, in posh hotels where she steals the limelight, in her natural environment, under the sky where she holds her head up high.

What an elegant lady!

Macro Flowers Saturday can be accessed here at this link Macro Flower Saturday


  1. Camellias are very beautiful flowers, especially outdoors they must be amazing. We have then only potted.

    Thank you Rosie for the beautiful picture. The problem is that this is a square format and it will be cut down by the video. A 4:3 format would be optimal at least 640x480px. You have so many beautiful pictures like at the "parisian chick" post, maybe you can find one having this format.

  2. Multi layered is pretty, but my personal preference is single layered ones...

  3. @ Maia - Ok, I'll submit some in that format. Thanks.

    @ Lrong - Do we have them in Malaysia? Haven't noticed any.

  4. Que fotos lindas você fez! Esta cor é maravilhosa!


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