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Monday, July 4, 2011

Miss Rosa Frilly Petticoat

I've named my hibiscus flower Frilly Petticoat as I have no idea what it is actually called. I only know that it is a hibiscus, which is the genus name for shrubs in the mallow family (Malvaceae) of which there are several hundred species!I am sure you'll excuse me for not knowing the real name of Miss Frilly Petticoat here. She has such a large family, I just can't identify all of these pretty Rosas.

This is a first ... this page is experiencing a solar flare! I've never posted a page with such brilliant colours coming from one flower.

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  1. Just stunning shots, they really pop out of the screen!
    Happy MM

  2. Beautiful images of the inside of the hibiscus.

    Happy Macro Monday

  3. Beautiful Macro. Love the mosaic.

  4. Wow what a stunningly coloured hibiscus, ours are so pale :)

  5. We have a frilly, frilly, FRILLY one going on in the garden right now--Mel's attempt to rescue two plants who were sickly looking. Doing quite well, frankly. *laughing* I'm surprised and pleased! But, as LindyLou, pale compared to this one.

    WOW this is a brilliant colour!

  6. The blog photography is wonderful! Indeed, you do have a lovely haven of color and form at your fingertips!


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