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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rose Apples in Abundance

For Fertilizer Friday I'm flaunting my rose apples. They all look just darling, but not all of them were good enough to eat. I am so frustrated that 30% of the fruits fall to the ground, and 50% of those on the trees had worms in them. What went wrong? I had wrapped most of the bunches with paper wrappers to protect them from being infested by pests. Evidently that was a futile course of action. My apologies to those whom I had meant to distribute the rose apples. Is there anyone out there who can offer me a solution to this problem?

Half-ripe on the tree and full of promises.

Precious pink offerings for Pink Saturday at Beverly's.
Three baskets filled with pink hope.

Here's a macro for Laura's Macro Friday.

Rosy, juicy and a pleasure to see...

Well, not all my great expectations were dashed. The 20% left that were salvaged, were sweet and  juicy. Those who had a taste were most satisfied.


  1. What an interesting looking apple, never seen these before. I learn something new every time i visit your lovely blog Rosie.

  2. Your jambu look very juicy. That a nice harvest. My parents have many variety of jambu air but everytime it is fruiting no one is rajin enough to harvest them. Chicken and geese always waiting for them to drop.

  3. Mmmm they look very delicios :) but how do they tast? Huge Suss

  4. Wow. I have never seen these, how cool!

  5. well now I NEVER!!! those are fabulous! they look wonderfully delicious!!! I wonder if we can get those here in Alberta Canada? never seen them before but I'd love to try!
    thanks for linking in again...and for the mouth watering post!

  6. Are those actual apples? What do they taste like? They must be delicious or the worms would have moved on!

  7. They look so delicious on the tree! Beautiful! Jambu air always easy to 'grow' worms inside, i always buy in Tapah high-way and they only stay worm-free for 2 days. I think it's normal. The worms love them so juicy!

  8. its a new type of apple for me too, too bad you cant use them all.

  9. They really got worms in them juicy fruits? I didnt notice before,I thought they are only seen in jambu batu. Urgghh..that means Ive been eating worms together with the jambu air! Yuckkss! Must really scrutinise those next time! Anyway love to eat those with salt or hot spicy sauce..delicious!

  10. mmmmmmmmmmmm. I too have a Rose Apple Tree.

  11. They are interesting, but look like pears. Can you make pies with them?

  12. @ LindyLou Mac, Suss o Kai,Carla, Steph, Casa Mariposa, gardenwalkgardentalk and Tootsie - These aren't even in the apple family. They taste sweet, a little like pears, but the texture is lighter and the flesh is really juicy.No, we don't make pies with them, but I wonder if we can make jam. Maybe not, as there's no strong flavour.

    @ Shifan,p3chandan,milka and Malay-Kadazan girl - you know how lovely they taste, so you can imagine the waste when they fall off the tree and spoil so easily.


  13. I remember in my chilhood, my neighbour had this tree. Every evening we will climb and sit on the tree to eat! hahahhaa....
    worm? May be you should spray something once the flowers appears to avoid eggs!


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