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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maidenhair Fern

My first 'flaunting' on the First Fertilizer Friday of 2011 is of  the kind that ladies love to flaunt...their crowning glory. Here are the proud ladies who are participating in the High-Fashion Hair-Fashion Model of The Year Contest.

First on the runway is Tina Head-Turner.She's the grand old lady who rocks the stage with her dynamic wild and sassy hair-do. A big hand for Gorgeous Tina, if you please.

The next contestant is a young maiden, still green in this beauty pageant industry.Her fresh wispy green tresses make her perfect for the fashion magazines. Here she is, Miss Layered and Feathery, Helena Head-and-Shoulders!

The third to step up on this stage needs no introduction. Her sultry,exotic looks make her the contestant most likely to be voted Miss Bohemian tonight.
Making her appearance is Miss Long Fringes. Looks like asymmetric cuts are coming back into fashion.

Last but not least, is our trendy contestant, Miss Cropped Pixie Cut. Her vibrant,vivacious style is due to her short, shaggy layered look. Will this look win the judges' votes? 

Who gets your vote, Ladies and Gentlemen? Call the 1-600 numbers tonight. Dial Number 1 for Tina. Number 2 for Helena. Number 3 for Long Fringes. And Number 4 for Pixie.

  Common name : Maidenhair Fern

Scientific classification
   Species: There are about 200
Audience, make the right choice. Your votes will determine the future of these four fair maidens. We'll be back tomorrow night to count your votes. 

For more goings-on on Fertilizer Friday postings, please click on Tootsie's link at the bottom of this page. Thank you, Tootsie for hosting this meme.


  1. Dang! They are all gorgeous. I am leaning toward Long Fringes, love the chartruese coloring...wonder how it would look on me, lol.

  2. Please don't make me choose. I love all maidenhairs. OK well, if I must choose, I'll say Tina.

  3. LOL! A fern by any other name, would 'sway' just as sweet!! Healthy looking girls you got there:)

  4. I am partial to the last one...or the first one...oh I just think they are all fantastic! great post seems you had some fun with Fertilizer Friday this week...I am glad you linked in and shared these with us...They are all so healthy!
    Thanks again for linking in...and have a great weekend! Hope to see you next week!

  5. Your plants all look healthy and gorgeous!! Hard to decide, I love 'em all!

  6. I love all of them Tina, Helena, Long Fringes and Pixie! Beautiful Friday for your fern girls!

  7. @ Darla - It's all in the highlights,dearie. Go for it,whatever colour you want...your hair-colour should match the mood of your tablescape, even!

    @ Missy - Tina thanks you.

    @ Carla - you know your ferns well...sometimes they sway the night away, and are non-the-worse for wear in the morning.

    @ Hi Tootsie, I am honoured that our gracious host stopped by. Yes, I had so much fun posting this week's FF that I stayed up till 2 a.m. Will definitely be there next Friday.

    @ milka, want to know the secret of how my maidenhair girls have lovely hair? I fertilize them using the water from my fish pond. Will feature my fish pond one of these days!

    @ chandan - It was such a perfect night for an outing for them, haha.

  8. Tina it is for me... good idea to water the plants with water from the fish pond... might try it myself...

  9. Hi Lrong, was hoping you might visit. Another vote for Tina, great. Yes, try it and you'll be surprised by the result. My tiny pond is actually a water feature, and has an infra-red filtration system that keeps the water crystal clear until it is time to backwash it. Yet that cleat water, when used to water the orchids and ferns produces healthy plants!

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