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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cruiser and the Archduke

The Cruiser was playing hard to get with me. I kept trailing was not difficult to spot her...the mustard-coloured wings stood out against the foliage, and she moved rather gracefully, not flapping or darting around like some of the others were wont to do. Well, you'd expect it of the Cruiser, named for its cruisin' style of flying. Cool butterfly name. 

The Cruiser Butterfly
Vindula erota

It is also known as the Banded Treebrown, but I like it fine as the Cruiser. It got that name for its flying motions of swooping and soaring. Imagine that! No, I mean just imagine that scene...when it flies over oceans...fabulous, huh? This butterfly is found not only in South-east Asia, but also Australia and the South Pacific Islands! Frequent flyers, aren't they?

The Archduke
Lexias pardalis dirteana

This butterfly also loves to be photographed with his velvety wings spreadout, showing off his royal blue trimming on his hindwings. Almost all his poses were in this similar manner. Really easy to shoot. 
The Archduke loves passiflora plants. I happen to have two pergolas full of passiflora, and now, my ambition is to capture this Archduke among the vines.I wonder how long I'll have to be out in the garden... Oh well, I'll just not wait for him to make an appearance. I'll have his men send me an announcement of when he'll arrive.

The Archduke is a resident of South-east Asia, despite his European title. He loves the shade and avoids direct sunshine. This species is rather large, about 150mm.The Archduke may be heavy, but he is quick. He flies fast when disturbed from his favourite haunt, the undergrowth of forest floors where he feeds on organic forest litter.


we soar, glide alike
we mirror each other's heart
but we're worlds apart

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  1. worlds apart, yet so close in heart!

  2. These are gorgeous! Love their bright colours. I've captured a few photos of butterflies at Bukit Cahaya today.

  3. Ah, to have butterflies like those gracing my gardens! How beautiful they are, and your photos capture them so perfectly. Always uplifting to read your blog.

  4. Awesome shots of gorgeous butterflies.

  5. One photo is just more beautiful than the next, Rosie! Yes, the Cruiser and the Archduke have identical hearts, but they inhabit totally different realms! Great haiku and photos!

  6. How beautiful they are. The Cruiser with the four perfect eyes on the golden hindwings looks fantastic.
    I've never seen a 15 cm large butterfly, like this beautifully colored Archduke.
    Amazing shots Rosie.

  7. Lovely butterflies for Weekendflowers :)

  8. Excellent shots with a beautiful haiku ending!

  9. Resilient little beauties and fantastic photographs and I also enjoyed your haiku.

  10. Those are gorgeous butterflies! Good capture!

  11. Beautiful butterflies, so colorful.

  12. Rosie,
    Very informative and very beautiful pics. You must have spent hours chasing them.Thanks for sharing!


  13. Beautiful butterflies! Am not sure whether have I seen the Archduke before. Lovely that you know the names, I only know how beautiful they look! :)

  14. Beautiful photos. Great job capturing them. Enjoy your week:)

  15. So different and both so lovely! Thank you for sharing these images of butterflies I have never seen before. Have a terrific Labor Day!

  16. A very brilliant captures. Visiting from MYM my entry is here SAHM’s Online Diary
    I hope you can pay a visit thanks!

  17. Fantastic shots.

    Please come and take a peek at my Mellow Yellow, have a lovely evening.

  18. nice shots! butterflies are lovely. visiting from MYM. see you around.:-)

  19. They're both very pretty but I'm in love with the first one. :) The colors are perfect to help it blend in with fallen fall leaves. :)

  20. Worlds apart indeed, yet each soars with its own beauty!

  21. Excellent shots and a perfect haiku to complement them :)

  22. WE love butterflies..Amazing captures:)

    Visiting from MYM!

    Hope that you can visit my blog. I would love to see your comment:)


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