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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Heart of the Flower

What's smiling at me from my garden as I walk around in the morning sun, snapping shot after shot? Oh, nothing much...just a few fresh-faced daisies, a bee on my little blue water-lily, some trumpet flowers and a host of giggling blue plumbago. Let's look into their hearts to see what's inside.



in the heart of the brilliant flower
the psyche awaits the awakening
never visible to the ones
who merely look but do not see

in some the heart is a glowing ember
hot, smouldering, on the brink
of igniting into flames
when the senses are set free

in others the heart is hidden forever
vulnerable, but rhythmically throbbing 
the depth of feeling lies hidden within
waiting for its discovery

the giving heart... there's none that's purer
nectar-laden for the offering
altruistic soul with a passion
to serve honey to the thirsty bee

Rosie Gan (August 2011)

for submission to Poetry Potluck  #48

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Anyone for some cream fruit?

Cream Fruit has no cream in it, and is not a fruit. How on earth did it get its name??? I've had Cream Fruit in my garden for the last 5 years, but it had never occurred to me to share it with you. I assumed that it was too common a flower, and I didn't know that it had such a delicious-sounding name. I was ignorant of the attributes of my poor, unappreciated Cream Fruit plant which I had uprooted from the front garden and transplanted to the backyard, by a wall beside a bamboo grove which overshadowed its existence. I never knew that it has scented flowers until I read about it in a book on tropical flowering plants. Hence it remained in that  non-significant part of my backyard, literally being a wallflower.  

I have found out since then that it is from Sierra Leone in Africa, and that it is from the family Apocynaceae, and the genus Roupellia. This Roupellia grata is a flowering bush with climbing vines if you do not prune it.The flowers are creamy white with a touch of pink, have a deep burgundy throat, and crimson petals on its underside. It is free flowering, but the smooth,shiny leaves tend to overwhelm the blossoms on my bush. The flowers suffer from low self esteem and usually hide under the leaves. The scent that the flowers give out is pretty much like the fragrance of roses. That must be why it is also known as Rose allamanda. It is also called Climbing oleander. The blooms do bear some resemblance to the oleander, except that the Cream Fruit flowers are sturdier and larger.

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