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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Macro Flowers - Hydrangeas Galore

My garden was inundated by a river of colourful hydrangeas in was like a Hydrangea Springtime in My Garden Haven. Hydrangeas Galore...what madness! What  happiness!

Have a ball at Macro Flowers.

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  1. Very pretty flowers. Love the colors.

  2. Your hydrangeas are very pretty, you have all possible colors here.
    Thanks for the photo url, it's too small. As I said, at least 640px in width.

  3. What beautiful blooms!
    What happiness indeed!

  4. beautiful hydrangeas. I have pink, blue and white in my garden. Great photos.

  5. I only have the blue ones. I love your pink hydrangeas. I'm so jealous!

  6. Your garden must be really lovely with such gorgeous blooms. I have no garden as I live in a high rise apartment, but I love taking photos of beautiful flowers from someone garden or potted plants along the common corridor in apartments. I went to the nearby nursery just before the chinese new year and took lots of photos especially the hydrangeas, love them!

  7. What loveliness. The hydrangea is beautiful and I like your photos very much. The yard art is so cute and goes perfect with the blooms. Next post can you show the garden with them? I like seeing them en mass.

  8. What beautiful colors! I really like the red ones. I had a hard time keeping my hydrangeas moist enough last summer and have a few tricks up my sleeve this year since they are some of my favorite flowers.

  9. Such a pretty boom! I have the blue but not the pink variety! Your garden must be beautiful with all those flowers!!

  10. @ Rajesh - Glad you liked the photos!

    @ Maia - Sorry, did you clooect enough fotos for your video?

    @ Lui - It was equivalent to spring with this flower bed all ablaze with flowers.

    @ Eden - Thanks, for a while it was like Eden here. The weather is so hot that most of the blooms look faded and spent by now.

    @ AB - yes, the dark pink ones were the stars in the whole dazzling production.

    @ Jama - There's an advantage to having potted plants on an apartment balcony. You can give them 100% of your love and attention!

    @ gwgt - Thanks Donna, I've been planning to post the yard art - coming up soon, I hope. Got 2 blogs to handle now.

    @ Casa Mariposa - Mind sharing those tips? It is so sad to see my blooms fading so quickly in out tropical sun.

    @ Malar - It was lovely in its prime most of the blooms are fading.

  11. Beautiful hydrangeas! The flowers are simply gorgeous! They are a sight for sore eyes!

  12. Hi, you have a lovely garden! I have hydrangeas too but mine can never be pink. Is there a way you use to get them to turn pink?

  13. Eu tive hortências rosas assim, mas eram mais claras, As sua são lindas!

  14. Wow So lovely. I like the frog too very cute.


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