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Saturday, December 11, 2010

In My Sun Room

Christmas Dessert in My Sun Room.   

                           Passionfruit Cheesecake in Martini Glasses

                                         Great fun in my garden sun room :)
                                 The red Begonia is real, you know?
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  1. Thanks for posting this on my Meme! :D Looks yummier in the sun room!
  2. Wow…looks very beautiful and inviting!!!

The Lofty Norfolk Pine

My favourite trees at the moment must be the three Norfolk Island Pine trees standing tall and majestic at the end of my garden. They appear to be surveying the neighbourhood from their lofty elevation, saying 'Howdy folks, how're you today?'. 

This pine can indeed grow even taller, up to a height of eighty feet! 

The leaves look soft as they nod and sway in the wind, but they are rough to the touch.

Just look at the textures…perfectly airbrushed by Nature.

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  1. I like your pine trees. They look healthy and straight. The closeup photo shows the beauty of the beautiful pine needles. Most of the similar pine trees I see in my neighbourhood are slanted or croocked. Yours is straight!
    • Maybe it is because they are sheltered by the garden wall, Autumn Belle. Yes, I agree that close-ups bring our attention to the beauty that we don’t often notice. Amazing how the camera makes Nature even grander than it is.
  2. Love your ‘Christmas tree’, should be lovely with Christmas decorations!
  3. Very pretty plant. Very exotic looking with great texture.
  4. Hi Donna,
    Yes, the texture is unique, different from the other pine trees we are familiar with.
  5. Hi!Your pine looks great! I always like to touch those leafs, but yeah they always are much harder than they seem.
    Thank you very much for joining the carnival! and sorry for the late reply, Hope to see more of your blog

Friday, December 10, 2010

Highlighting Senorita Pink Begonia


What’s on my window-sill? Right now, there is a pink begonia which I propagated from 
a stem cutting and is beginning to look oh-so presentable for the camera.

Young begonia, just beginning to learn how to flower.

Getting some attention from an admirer.

The white ducks feeling upstaged by the begonias you think?

Smile for the close up, my dear.

For more blooms on Blooming Friday, click on the the link on the sidebar.

Thanks to Katarina for hosting this meme.
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  1. Hi. What a cute Begonia! …and you do a cute presentation of her to : )
  2. Stunning as always, it is a pleasure to visit you blog.
  3. Goodmorning,
    I loved the Ixora a few posts back. Don’t know that plant at all.
    And thos birds admiring your begonia, so sweet.
    • Thanks joco for being my guest on my blooming friday post. Thanks also for explaining the meaning of meme in your blog. I hope you’ll particpate in my meme. Just click on the fern in the sidebar.
      Have a ball,
  4. Lovely pictures, which really melt my heart!
    Have a great weekend,
    Cesars trädgård
  5. I love begonia too, love the sweet dainty flowers. Your window sill sure look lovely with the flamingo and white ducks..
    • Hello p3chandan, I’ve been waiting for you to show up. I left a message on your blotanist plot, telling you about my new meme which has to do with you. Please click on the open invitation of the fern on my sidebar and all will be revealed!
      Have fun,
  6. Lovely pictures. Have a nice weekend/Gela
  7. Beautiful pictures of the Begonia.
    I really like visiting your blog and look at your fantastic photos.
    Have a nice weekend
    • Hi Gunilla,
      Welcome back, lovely to have you visit this morning. I also have a new page where I am running a meme. I would love it if you can participate. The tip is, you don’t have to follow the rules strictly!
      Just click on the ferns on my sidebar,
  8. Lovely begonia and a reminder that I have forgotten to do this meme – drat
    • Hi Helen,
      Lovely to see you here. I guess you have to wait for next week then. Wonder what’s the theme…
      Please come and have fun on my newly-launched meme. I would be so happy for you to participate. Click on the green ferns on my sidebar to get there.
  9. I love ducks and birds. I see that you do too. Begonias are a good indoor plant. To have something blooming indoors is so uplifting, especially when it is cold outside like here.
    • Hey Donna, glad you turned up today. We are both birds of a fine feather then, so no wonder we flock together. Heh heh.
      Donna, I would be so honoured if you participate in my meme. You are the first person to introduce me to a meme, and I have been hooked since then. That’s why I have started one of my own. Please click on the ferns on my sidebar.
      Thanks so much,
  10. Funny pictures…it seems like they talk to each other……
    Have a nice weekend ;)
  11. Your begonia looks very matching with the pink flamingoes and white garden ornaments. I love to look at garden ornaments.
  12. That’s a very pretty Begonia!
  13. Hi Katarina,
    Yes, and I’m proud of the fact I propagated it from a cutting…me proud mama. Ha ha.
  14. Oh, I think I´ll have the same begonia, but my is smaller. I don`t know the name, do you? I bougt a little cutting from a
    nurserie, the motherplant was about 2 meters high.
    Wish you a nice weekend
    Lisa/Lisas trädgård