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Friday, December 10, 2010

Featuring My Own Garden Haven

After featuring gardens from New Zealand for the past 5 posts, I soon realized that I had 
confused some of my new blogging visitors who think I’m from New Zealand! Hence, it is 
time to return to my own garden haven in the tropics. My garden is predominantly green at 
the moment. I need to have more colour in it! I have had a wonderful time admiring the 
colours of spring in a temperate climatic zone, and I ask myself, why can’t I have springtime 
in my tropical garden all year round? Sounds like a riddle, eh, as it is actually summer all 
year round here. Well I could plant beds of colourful annuals and tropical perenials which 
have colourful flowers or foliage! Yes, they might resemble spring flowers… after all I can 
grow certain bulbs like the amaryllis and I can have masses and masses of hydrangeas …. 
and ….there I go again, already seeing these fabulously blooming flower beds in my mind’s 
eye. I hope this new inspiration will not evaporate into thin air but become tangible reality in 
a few months from now. I have already started on my gladioli patches! Right now though, 
these are the only spots of colour in my green tropical garden:

The only accent here comes from the specks of red on the bushes. These are my ‘Shanghai Rose”
plants. The delicate blossoms, which do not at all resemble any rose I’ve ever seen, bloom all year round.

These cheerful portulaca in the balinese pot are a delightful addition to an otherwise green garden. They have an attractive yet quiet quality about them that I like.

There is also some colour under the pine trees. Circling the green pine is a border of orange ixora. Barely visible behind is a ring of yellow ixora and completely hidden under the blue pine by the wall is a circle of red ixora. I love it when the ixora plants start flowering in earnest.

The only accent here will be a bright yellow from the potted celosia when it bursts into action! I like to think of them as my bursts of sunshine. As these are annuals, I get to enjoy them only about three times a year…but what a joy when they appear.

The lemony green hues of the low ground cover is a bright contrast to the trio of dark green topiaried trees around them. In the shallow balinese pot are some multi-petalled Rose Moss, a smaller variety of portulaca [Portulaca grandiflora] than the single-petalled ones in the second picture. This variety comes in all sorts of colours. I should make it a point to collect all the colours so that I have a mad mix of multi-coloured portulaca in this pot. That would be a welcome splash of technicolour paint on my green canvas.

This path leads to another part of my garden.
Let’s see where this path leads us… in my next post!
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9 responses to Featuring my own garden haven

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  1. I am glad to see your beautiful tropical garden and will now remember that you don’t live in New Zealand. Carolyn
  2. P.S. I was going to pick your post on Blotanical but I can’t find your blog in the list. Could you send me a message on Blotanical? Carolyn
    • Hi Carolyn,
      Thanks for reading my post. And thanks for picking my post. I am beginning to feel like a seasoned blotanist – the fruits of my labour ripe for the picking! My blog is under the blotanist list and not the blogger list in the sidebar on our plot page.
      Happy blogging,
  3. Very lovely garden. You have some beautiful vignettes.
  4. I have noticed that many tropical gardens are predomiantly green, I wonder if this is because it feels more cooling than the bright flowers
    • Hi Helen,
      I never thought of it that way, but you might have a point there. I always feel relaxed when I sit at my patio and look out into my green garden. When I plant my flower beds, they are going to be on the opposite side of my front garden- on one side, the brilliant and loud garden whilst on the other side the quiet and subdued … What do you think of my plan?
  5. I am sorry i have not been here, thank you so much for your picking my blot. I am still fidgeting on blotanical knobs and did not know there is a tally button for picks where i can all see the names, hehe. By the way this is my first time here and i’ve been looking for your area but can’t. Where in the tropics are you from. We might be staying in the same patch of earth!!!
    • Hi Andrea,
      I know what you mean, I am discovering new things daily on blotanical. I sometimes ask questions when the answer is right in front of my eyes! I’m gardening in Malaysia. Ever been here? I’ve not been to the Phillipines yet.
      We can always visit each other;s blogs in the meantime,eh?

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