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Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Blooming in Kunming?

It is not a good time for plants here in my My Garden Haven. The weather has been hot and dry, and my hydrangeas are almost spent. My gladioli plants too are browning-off. 

Looks like we have to go seek blooming gardens, and since I have just returned from early spring in Yunnan Province in China, I shall flaunt the spring flowers I photographed there for Tootsie' Fertilizer Friday.

So what's blooming in Kunming, you ask? Quite a fair bit, ladies. Big and small, yellow and purple, in the parks, by the lakes, on the mountains...for Katarina, at Blooming Friday, I present the big and the small.

We'll flaunt the small flowers on big trees first:

Small blossoms

on a big tree!

Or...small flowers surrounding a big tree!

Some of the colours and shapes of flowers are rather unique:

Others are plainly...pretty. There are masses of colours in the parks:

And the prerequisite in every country with a temperate climate,  the pansies in a pretty pot:

The wild flowers grow from under limestone rocks in the Stone Forest!

But these are planted for their effect as a Western-style garden to frame the karst landscape in the background:

Oh, and by the lake...I found to my disbelief...vermillion tulips!

And a field of poppies.

For Maia, a special macro shot for you on Macro Flowers-Saturday:

I'm sure you want to see more, so click on the links below:

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  1. Oh wow! What fabulous blooms you found ... loved the violas and pansies, but those tulips and poppies were just gorgeous. Springtime in China certainly has the WOW factor.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog for my Flower Flaunt post. Regarding Mussaenda ... I only grow Mussaenda philippica which is the best choice for hot, dry gardens like mine. My place is situated on a rocky hillside with very poor soil and we go months without rain, unless it's a strange year like 2010! I'm sure Mussaenda philippica would grow well at your place ... the pink I have is the 'Bangkok Rose' or 'Dona Luz' variety and it would be perfect for you.

  2. @ Bernie - Thanks for the feedback. Here in Malaysia we do get more rain than you normally do. But a slope dries up faster than flat ground. Looks like I'll be scouring the garden nurseries for pin mussaenda. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Rosie, you are so lucky! The flowers and gardens are very beautiful. So nice of you to share your travel experiences and shots here.

  4. There are some pretty ones here, the redbud tree, the purple African Daisies, I think I see ranunculas and calendula..nice!

  5. Beautiful display of flowers. Love all the pansy's and tulips.

  6. Beautiful flower, love all those pansies.

  7. bet your feasted your eyes and your camera. In Spring we have flowering tree like your photo.

  8. Gorgeous! I would have a field day there clicking non stop,I'm sure you're the same too. :)

  9. Beautiful collection of flower photos that pink ones.

  10. What a treat to have found your blog! I have enjoyed all of your photos, what a wonderful way to get acquainted with the blooms around the world :) cheers, Jenni USA Oregon

  11. what a generous post, with so many gorgeous flowers.
    These are all beautiful shots and the pansy macro is breathtaking.

  12. Beautiful shots! The first one is amazing!

  13. @ AB - I enjoy both gathering the images and sharing them! Traveling is more exciting when you are a blogger, I realise that now.

    @ Darla - there are so many flowers I can't identify all of them. The first is the red bud tree?

    @ Becca's Dirt - Those were the only tulips I could find ...they must be the early-blooming type?

    @ Gardening in a Sandbox - Spring was definitely in the air, judging from the flowers.

    @ Bonnie - Pansies are most effective in huge patches, don't you think?

    @ Ann - Yes, they have lots of plum,cherry and pear blossoms like in New Zealand.

    @ Jama - I had a choice of photos from 2 cameras - mine and my husband's.

    @ Flower Town - Welcome to mygardenhaven. There are lots more photos I didn't include here. Maybe for the next post.

    @ Jenni - Thanks Jenni, I believe flowers are universally loved, and there are passionate gardeners from every corner of the world.

    @ Maia - Thanks. I had wanted to make it a sing pansy, but 2 in one frame is slightly interestingly unusual.

    @ Ray - Thanks.Do drop in again!

  14. rosie, I love to travel and have been to 27 countries...some of them very small like the Vatican....I see wwe love the same things!


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