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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I am giving centre stage to one beauty today who has been a perfectly delightful performer in Mygardenhaven, my diva, the pink hibiscus!

This is my pretty pink prima donna  all dressed up in her finery and flaunting her pretty frills and finery in my garden. This close-up of the pink double-petalled hibiscus is dedicated to Laura at Macro Friday, Tootsie at Fertilizer Friday, Sandra at Today's Flower and  Beverly at Pink Saturday.

Isn't she lovely?

The prima donna imagery I am using for this hibiscus inspires this haiku which I dedicate to Haiku Heights for the prompt, 'Poison'

beauty is a curse
fawning jealousy veils
  poison  in each smile

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Kind of Apple

Here's another kind of 'apple' which I have in my backyard, which is technically not an apple! Those people who name the plants just love to confuse us.  
This pineapple plant had produced the perfect pineapple two years ago. We harvested that large, heavy fruit and had a feast. I was planning to pull out the plant but noticed two small suckers growing from the sides of the parent plant, so I decided to leave the whole plant intact. After two whole years, now I have two more perfect pineapples to admire...and then to enjoy, of course. Who's complaining? Not me.

Linking to Haiku Heights for the prompt "Innocence"

Innocence is not all 
it appears to be
pure and  pristine but prickly