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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Fall In Love

I have decided to share with you for GBBD a personal video I made for my friends when we were having the time of our lives enjoying the gardens of New Zealand. This is a departure from my usual format of presenting my posts on botanic gardens, but it was such fun making the video and we had such wonderful memories of those beautiful gardens that I think you might also like to view how we were falling in love...with the spectacular blooms and trees and garden features...have a giggle at our antics.

Let's fall in love
Why shouldn't we fall in love?
Our hearts are made of it
Let's take a chance
Why be afraid of it

Let's close our eyes and make our own paradise
Little we know of it 
Still we can try
to make a go of it

This song is dedicated to all garden make our own paradise of our gardens!
Thank you Carol for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, and thank you Anni for Thursday Theme Song. Do take a walk over there at Carol's and Anni's to see  what you're missing over there.


  1. Rosie, I fell in love head over heels with all the gorgeous multi-coloured blooms esp. the tulips, irises, hydrangeas - never seen so many colours before! They are fantastic gardens! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. very nice garden. I enjoyed it very much. I agree with you Rosie, let's fall in love. Love gives us every thing..............

  3. Wow! Wonderful colours! You must have a great time there. You must be in Bandung today. Mission? Take photos of live creatures while you are there. Human not included. :)

  4. What can I's all so beautiful. I especially liked the church...with the brook meandering through the landscape and the weeping willow silent and so serene.

    And thanks for stopping by yesterday. I always look forward to your visits and comments----

    Come back for my Thursday's post if you find time. Link: Get down...get funky with the Righteous Brothers

    Have a terrific Thursday!!!

  5. What a lovely trip to the garden. The flowers and foliage are a gorgeous myriad of colors!

  6. Thanks for the sharing the video presentation with us, it is lovely.

  7. The scenery with the huge trees and willows are splendid. And the flowers? They are as lovely as Rosie.

  8. Yes. I fell in love with all those lovely gardens!

  9. Can't help falling in love! I especially love the beautiful trees!


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