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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens

With most of you anticipating autumn, and some eagerly awaiting spring, while the rest of us in eternal summer, let's all go for a garden walk where we get to see the best of springtime pleasures. Let me take you to the Garden City's most established Botanic Garden, the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. You'll love it there.

There'll be less talk and more walk. Are you prepared for this? Bet these three ladies are looking forward to their garden is spring, the air is crisp and they are all...oops, I did say less talk. Okay. Let's go.


Light of heart we start
sweet anticipation meets

(For Sensational Haiku Wednesday)

The sign post points to Annual Bedding and Plant Displays. Sounds good. The anticipation is building up...what do they have in store for us?

Annual beddings...carpets upon carpets of spring blooms...heavenly!


among these carpets
part the blooms and help me search 
I've lost my heart here

(For Haiku Heights)

Wow, this flower bed is bright and cheery!

And this is so very sweet and demure.

Want to get a closer look?

Shall we stop by for some refreshments? My treat. We could just sit outside and enjoy the view as we sip our coffee and have some pie.

Let's make for the Conservatory...what kind of plants are they  err, conserving?

Ooh, my favourite kind! These hydrangeas are insanely lovely.

These cherubs would look nice in my garden.

We have to leave the conservatory, ladies. There's more to see outside. I know, I know. It is hard to tear ourselves away from these luxuriant blooms.

Aha! I spot a tree-hugger!

Look up, tree-hugger, see the view of the sky through the cherry blossoms.

The rhododendrons and azaleas put up a great display!

Let's leave the gardens with one parting look...the weeping willow by the Avon you really want to bid farewell?

Say Goodbye

It is so hard to say goodbye
my heart tightens
I choke on the words
they remain in my throat

No, I shan't say goodbye
I'll just bid adieu
I'll live on the scent and the memories of you
till we meet again

(For Poets Rally)

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