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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rose Apples in Abundance

For Fertilizer Friday I'm flaunting my rose apples. They all look just darling, but not all of them were good enough to eat. I am so frustrated that 30% of the fruits fall to the ground, and 50% of those on the trees had worms in them. What went wrong? I had wrapped most of the bunches with paper wrappers to protect them from being infested by pests. Evidently that was a futile course of action. My apologies to those whom I had meant to distribute the rose apples. Is there anyone out there who can offer me a solution to this problem?

Half-ripe on the tree and full of promises.

Precious pink offerings for Pink Saturday at Beverly's.
Three baskets filled with pink hope.

Here's a macro for Laura's Macro Friday.

Rosy, juicy and a pleasure to see...

Well, not all my great expectations were dashed. The 20% left that were salvaged, were sweet and  juicy. Those who had a taste were most satisfied.