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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Photography Field Trip in Melaka

While out on  a field trip recently during a photography workshop on "Aperture", I took the opportunity to shoot more than just photos with a small depth of field, though that was what most of us were more interested to do to show off our skills. For someone like me who has been relying so much on Intelligent Auto, this course was an eye-opener, so to speak. I actually gained some confidence in using the manual functions of my camera. It is indeed necessary for me to make a resolution not to rely on all things 'auto'. I need to give my brain something to work on!

resolve to learn all
scour the scale from rusty brain
till mind shines brightly

 It was a fun field trip as we went to the public garden of the Town  Council Complex. The marigold-celosia-periwinkle combination worked well in the garden design they had there.

Here are some of my favourite shallow depth of field shots...

These shots with a greater depth of field, using smaller aperture settings allow us to see the photo in focus from the foreground, all the way to the horizon. See, I was  paying attention. Don't ask me about shutter speed, though. Haven't learned that yet.

These other photos sort of came out crazy...definitely not to be assessed as assignment photos. Some were focused on the background, some did not have any focus at all and many were out of focus! Despite all that, I sort of like them.

And some of the shots turned out great after some tweaks!

we travel so far
when what we seek is so near
homespun silk seems coarse 

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