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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Sour-grape Story... Part 2

For those who might have read my post on my grapevine, oh, I don't mean that figurative grapevine, I  mean literally a vine with grapes growing on them, entitled, "The Sweetest of Gardens" you might be interested to know that, that said grapevine has, after being uprooted from my garden and transplanted in my backyard, finally flowered and fruited, after a year's inactivity. This is indeed something to shout about, as I had almost given up on the vine, and only occasionally fed it. I hardly looked to check if it was flowering. So it was the sweetest surprise when someone visiting my backyard pointed out the grapes...there were five bunches! They were not the big, luscious variety you might get at the supermarket, but nonetheless, they were the finest-looking grapes in my neighbourhood. I'm not bragging, it is a fact. Of course, I have to admit though, that no one else plants grapes in my tropical neighbourhood.

Take a look at my tropical grapes:

Perfect in all its imperfection. Having battled against the odds of unsuitable climate, environment and soil...all wrong for it to survive, survive it did, and bore fruit!

Some of the bunches look a tad weather- beaten, but I have no doubt, the worst is over for them. They are certainly bigger than they were before I transplanted the vine. Now all that's left for them to do ripen into dark red grapes.

Oh, and one more thing...they have to do their best to try to be sweeter than they were before. As I had explained in the first of the grape posts, this vine produced really sour grapes. Mind you, they had  a wonderful burgundy colour when ripe, but they were perfectly...sour!

A haiku to pay tribute to my vine is in order:

Ode to Sour Grapes

triumph over malice 
covert mysteries of vine
sour grapes turn sweet

So, here they are, reigning over the other fruit trees in my backyard. The other plants seem to be either hibernating, or sulking about being over-shadowed by the grape-vine. I really should turn my attention to the passion fruit vines (passiflora edulis) which require pruning and pampering, the mulberry bushes have not produced berries at all, the kumquat bushes are all leaves, and the list goes on.

As for now, I shall dream on, in anticipation of the day when my sour grapes turn sweet.


it might not be 
bed of roses
a bowl of cherries
life is what you make of it
if you can make lemonade 
 life throws you lemons
I can make sweet wine 
out of
my sour grapes
they say
make hay while the sun shines
look for the silver lining
you can find in every cloud
I say
I'll take that bowl of cherries
live and laugh at it all

Rosie Gan 
Dec 2011

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