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Friday, January 28, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Sky above My Garden Haven

I couldn't believe my eyes...the skies above my own garden looked so captivating today. It was not the dramatic sky of billowing clouds, nor the melodramatic dark powerful storm clouds that might get me dashing indoors to grab my camera. It was just this - what do you call this type of clouds?

Remember my pergola? This is my favourite shot for this post-clouds over pergola! 

Looks to me like they are scurry-clouds...right then, I'll name them my scurry clouds! You can just sense that motion when you look up at them...there they go, scurrying off to the horizon, as if on a mission.

This is my second favourite - clouds above my Blue Pine.

I couldn't carry on referring to these clouds as "Scurry" all my life, could I? So, I checked it out, and comparing the photographs to my Scurry Cloud photographs, the nearest match I could find was "altocumulus". Oh alright, Alto is quite a cute name too.

To satisfy my curiosity, I found out some interesting gossip about our boy Alto - known to carry water droplets but can also carry ice-droplets when temperatures are low enough! Not a high-flier, though - a mid-level kind of cloud, hovering between 2,000 to 6,000 metres. I could tell that from his name... . Now Cirrus, though, that's a high flier! We'll meet him sooner or later.

Don't you just get a strange feeling looking at a sky like that?

So here we have arresting sky with altocumulus clouds filling the whole canvas above.

For more Skywatch Friday features, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.


  1. Cute shots of Alto. I remember I studied these in school one upon a time.

  2. Very beautiful, a sky full of snow white lambs.

  3. Fantastic shots especially the shot above your pergola looks very nice indeed!

  4. isn't it amazing how the sky paints an ever changing portrait of beauty

  5. These are beautiful photos -- if cotton balls could fly together in flocks it would look like this. :) Thanks for looking up what type of cloud it is, I wouldn't have known.

  6. I know what you call that type of cloud formation and your picture...stunning. Great shot, that is as dramatic as any sunset...

  7. @ One - I remember those lessons on cloud formations...loved them.

    @ J Bar -Thanks. Sydney clouds are great too.

    @ Titania - I like your association - snowy white lambs, exactly!

    @ p3chandan - sometimes we fail to notice the beauty in our own backyard, so to speak. We need to look around us, above us...

    @ Donna - Ever-changing, sometimes surprising.

    @ Eliza @ Appalachian Feet - Thanks, Eliza. They really look like cotton balls - so unusual.

    @ William K Wallace - Thanks, I'm so pleased with 'stunning'! Yet to capture a sunset, though. Will try for one just to get another 'stunning' comment from you, William.


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