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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Flowers-The Mediterranean Look.

Flowers of the Mediterranean, how I love them. It is not just the flower that is so beguiling, it is the style in which these plants and their brilliant flowers are displayed.

Display Number 1: The Smouldering Spanish Look.

This is how the streets in the village of  Sitges is made memorable for me. One snapshot for my album!

Display Number 2: The Charming Geranium-Balcony Look.

This typically Mediterranean balcony window display is THE essential Mediterranean icon. In every  village, town or city- even in shop windows, the lovely terracotta pots with their geraniums made me yearn to transform one part of my own garden into that  LOOK!

Display Number 3: Proud Petunias on the Wall Look.

Where else but in the Mediterranean  would you find displays of petunias in such a rustic setting as this? This snapshot is one of my favourites - taken in the town of Valdemossa, these were on the wall outside a souvenir shop in a quaint narrow street. It was along this street that we had the best hot chocolate - thick and heavenly sweet - so much appreciated on that chilly spring day. Another snapshot that brings back fond memories for me.

Display Number 4: Rambling  Roses  On Moss-covered Wall Look

This makes me think I've travelled back in time and I expect to see Don Quixote de la Mancha walk down the steps beside where the roses are clinging to the wall, saying to me, 'Welcome to my hacienda,  Senorita Rosie".

I hope these snapshots from my album bring some kind of nostalgic associations of the Mediterranean to you as well.

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  1. Hi Rosie,

    I love this whole post, and especially how you framed the photos. What a great idea! Your blog is so professional looking. Anyway, thank you so much for becoming a follower, and am I now following you! I'll be introducing you soon, probably this morning.

    Take care and God bless,


  2. @ Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy - Yay, you're my 23rd follower! Thank you. Looking forward to being introduced.And I really appreciate your kind words about my blog.

  3. @ Rajesh - Thanks for dropping in. Your brain flower is quite unforgettable.

  4. I am glad you have decided to vote for my blog. Please do so at my blog.

  5. Such lovely flowers! They do have a mediterranean look. Thanks for following me.

  6. Thanks for sharing these amazing blooms. You're right...not in every nook of the world can you get this 'look'. Loved going through your beautiful pictures!

  7. Beautiful flowers! Nicely arranged in balcony!

  8. These are wonderful flower images. Those balconies are stunning.

  9. Wow, that balcony is gorgeous!

  10. I just love those rustic Meditteranian setting, flowers lining the streets, geraniums on the balcony, petunias and roses on romantic and lovely! Im seeing and travelling beautiful countries through your eyes Rosie, thanks for sharing them!

  11. Hi Rosie, I absolutely love these images. I'm going to stare at it and hope that they somehow appear in my garden.

  12. @ Thank you for leaving a comment.

    @ Rajesh - yes, I've just done so - good luck.

    @ Modern Mom - Hi, thanks.

    @ chubskulit - Thanks for dropping in.

    @ lotusleaf - Thanks for leaving a comment.

    @ kanak7 - Glad you like my photos.

    @ Malar - I feel like doing that- a mediterranean balcony - but you know how our Malaysian sun is soooo hot. The poor geraniums will just disintegrate.

    @ - I really should go ahead and try to have this look for my balcony, but the other problem, apart from the sun, is that I haven't been able to buy any geraniums from the nurseries lately.

    @ Wendy - don't you want one for your home?

    @ p3chandan - Your comment just made my day - I am so touched.

    @ One -And your comment just made me smile...I love your style!


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