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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Glimpses...of gardens in South Island, New Zealand

This house we drove by on our self-drive holiday down South Island attracted our eager-eagle eyes.We were on the look-out for nice gardens to see how home-owners laid out their gardens.This garden we glimpsed was so pretty, that after we had stopped for tea down the road, we took a leisurely stroll in the direction of all that 'prettiness' we had glimpsed!

There were no heavy gates blocking our view, no walls. There was only a wire netting through which we could clearly take in the beauty of the whole garden.

The owner must  certainly be one who is fond of her garden, but who in New Zealand is not? We saw a lady in coveralls raking the fallen leaves and thinking that she was the owner of the colourful beds and borders, complimented her on her well-planned garden. She was pleased, and invited us to take a closer look.

We were delighted...and what a truly delightful garden it was.
I just love the garden sign. Wish I had one like it.

As we took our leave, we thanked the kind lady who was actually not the owner, but the person who tended this garden! Our hope of a glimpse turned out to be a quick but happy visit to this sunny, pretty garden.


  1. Thanks for the garden tour, this is a very pretty and homey garden. You can tell this is well loved garden, and I too like the sign.

  2. Very pretty. One of my favorite things when traveling is catching glimpses of private gardens like this; often they are so much more imaginative than public plantings.

  3. @ - quite appealing,I must say.

    @ College Gardener - definitely one of my favourite things! I have so many more to share in my series of 'Glimpses...'.

  4. For me living so far away from your garden, is great to learn about these specimens. very colorfu, Thanks for sharing! Lula

  5. @ lula - It is indeed a should not be kept in a vault, so to speak...share the wealth. :-)

  6. It is a lovely garden, - the tulips are so bright and I see the peonies and the statice gathering themselves together for a beautiful show. It makes me look forward with anticipation to blue skies and sunshine to get things going in our garden. Thanks you for visiting, - would love to give you tea in the garden!

  7. @ Hildred and Charles - I knew it would be great to get to know you...I would love to have coffee with you in my sun-room!


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