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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Joy To Behold

The Wel
The Wellington Botanic Garden was delightful. From the East Entrance, we travelled along William Wakefield Way past the Succulent Garden, the Rock Garden until we got to the Fragrant Garden. Every plant was at its best behaviour. We were pleased to make their acquaintance. However, when we got to the Main Garden, all decorum was abandoned as we excitedly approached all manner of tulips in full bloom in this part of the Botanic Garden. Here, the seasonally changing floral displays are featured, and we were so fortunate to be able to feast our eyes on a host of multi-coloured tulips. It was truly a joy to behold. 

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  1. What an explosion of colors!

  2. Hi Raine, thanks for commenting on this post. This was transferred from my old blog, and most visitors don't go beyond the current post. Happy to have you here.

  3. Hi Rosie, I find this as interesting as your current posts too. ☺

  4. Thanks Raine. My series on New Zealand's botanic gardens are my favourites. I am planning to feature each one separately instead of by the focus-subject as I did for some of them.


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