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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Idyllic Pastoral Scenes of Emerald

Keats made his Ode To Autumn famous, so I'll have to come up with something of my own. It will have to be my Haiku to Autumn, to celebrate the beauty of these idyllic pastoral scenes of Emerald Lake Park.

rustle of yellow
look up and marvel the crown
jewels of autumn

autumn's golden reign
brilliant burst of verdant hues 
swift fall of Fall's glow

a sigh is each heard  
as they breakaway, depart
bare twigs grief, forlorn

tears shed in envy
of rivals evergreen
lush even in mirrored lake


unbeknownst to them
the beauty of fallen leaves 

emerald lake ripples
chill breezes caress
with nippy fingers

swaying trunks defy
boldly flaunting their beauty
in their matchless prime

pastoral pleasures
quiet walks on country lanes
embroidered with leaves


 textures contrasting
lichen-dabbed logs complement
feathery foliage

kookaburra sings 
song of joy for meadows green
in pastures verdant

 Posted for the last of the W4W prompts, Pastoral, Sacro-Idyllic.

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