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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm taking a break... a coffee break!

Coffee Camaraderie

Sitting alone at the patio table
sipping peace to the trill of birdsong
nothing beats that cup of fresh brewed coffee
steaming hot in the chilly morning air

Having coffee for one might be fun, but
sharing a pot for two is a joyful conspiracy
exchanging stories between sips of friendship
breaking  biscuits and news to be shared by two

So here's to coffee camaraderie
to bonding and conviviality
come take a coffee break with me!

I shall be away, taking a break in Kuching, Sarawak for a week, so I shall not be participating in my favourite memes for a while. In the meantime, for those who drop in, help yourselves to some tea or coffee in these rose-patterned cups, and have a haiku to go with your cuppa:

change the rhythm
dare to reinvent yourself
emerge from cocoon

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Monday, September 26, 2011


from within and from without
zen enlightenment

(For Haiku Heights)

From without:
sometimes the light from the setting sun
blazes strong and adamant
reluctant to leave centre-stage

and sometimes, the tired sun
casts a gentler light as it sets
seemingly glad to go to bed and have a goodnight's sleep

and the moon takes over
bathing the darkness
with its soft silvery light

Still illuminating from without:

the evening sun still bright
beams its golden light on the waves
signalling to the seagulls that day's toil is almost done

the revealing light of truth
baring for all to discover
dark secrets and crimes of passion

the noon light 
benevolent, casting a vertical shadow
forming an umbrella of love

highlighting the many facets
of singular blooms
the sun empowers and beautifies 

From within:

and magically 
there's light illuminating from within
the burning embers of the heart 

From within yet without:

illuminating the bleak interior of caverns
and underground rivers
neon lights reveal a wonderland 

dispersing all fears of the dark and unknown
that caves are wont to transmit 
if there were no illuminating light within

without the light
will there be shadows
without shadows
won't everything be just plain bright?

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