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Monday, September 26, 2011


from within and from without
zen enlightenment

(For Haiku Heights)

From without:
sometimes the light from the setting sun
blazes strong and adamant
reluctant to leave centre-stage

and sometimes, the tired sun
casts a gentler light as it sets
seemingly glad to go to bed and have a goodnight's sleep

and the moon takes over
bathing the darkness
with its soft silvery light

Still illuminating from without:

the evening sun still bright
beams its golden light on the waves
signalling to the seagulls that day's toil is almost done

the revealing light of truth
baring for all to discover
dark secrets and crimes of passion

the noon light 
benevolent, casting a vertical shadow
forming an umbrella of love

highlighting the many facets
of singular blooms
the sun empowers and beautifies 

From within:

and magically 
there's light illuminating from within
the burning embers of the heart 

From within yet without:

illuminating the bleak interior of caverns
and underground rivers
neon lights reveal a wonderland 

dispersing all fears of the dark and unknown
that caves are wont to transmit 
if there were no illuminating light within

without the light
will there be shadows
without shadows
won't everything be just plain bright?

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  1. Rosie, saving the best for last? My gosh are these beautiful. The cave images are spectacular. I just can not imagine what light is really capable of. Every time you think that what is possible occurs, there is so much more. Luminescence almost radiates from your images, like it comes from within. Thank you for joining. The words that accompany the images are just as wonderful. Great post.

  2. your photography is outstanding.
    my eyes are open wide,
    glad to visit your site!

  3. Wow your photos are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rosie what a lovely post of beautiful words and photos.

  5. WOW!!!!

    The photos were spectacular--and then you add the words?!

    W O W ! !

  6. I'll take any kind of illumination I can get--inside, outside, or upside down! :-)

    Seed-Feathers and Wayside Pool

  7. I wonder whether the sun says goodnight to us when it sets.

  8. Love your first two photos and your first flower Rosie, so beautiful.

  9. I feel reluctant to leave this blog with so much of beauty in sights and words!! Every corner of the garden looks perfectly placed!! The photos are so much joy and cheer!!

  10. What a beautiful garden, the lavender and orange flower is stunning. Linked over from Macro Monday.

  11. Beautiful prose and lovely images!

  12. This is a great post, such stunning photography. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Many beautiful photos here. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Rosie, Love your photos today. Too many good ones to mention. Your writing is fantastic too. The whole thing is still illuminating...

  15. What a lovely series of photographs and poetic sentiments! You have beautifully addressed the many sides of the word illumination.

  16. What a study of illumination you have here. I'm most partial to the top shot. Nice work.

  17. Beautiful post and photos.

    Regards and best wishes


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