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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Red Orchids Rock

My red orchids have been featured before when they shared the limelight with my dianthus in a post about Red rubies in my garden. Today I am pleased to feature them as the crown jewels of mygardenhaven this month! I had moved these vanda plants nearer to where the sunlight could trigger their flowering mechaninism. And it worked like it always does.With vandas, or possibly with all orchids, this does the trick. However, I noticed that their leaves were getting scorched in the process, whilst the blooms were as fresh and as crisp as cabbages in the refrigerator. It would be timely to remove them from full sun, I thought, so, in order to keep them fresh and crisp, I  decided to place them in a safer, cooler environment. Remember my purple orchid post, My Precious molly-coddled purple orchids? They were not blooming because I had put them in almost 90% full shade. That was why only one spray emerged; and that was from the plant nearest to the light. What I've done now, is, I've moved my precious red orchids to that place of 90% shade...oh, did I forget to boast about the FOUR sprays that emerged from two of the three plants? Yes, my FOUR sprays will last much longer in the shade now that they have endured enough sunshine.

Here they are, introducing my ravishing red orchids!

A Tribute To Nature's Gift

nature's gift of  life
borne of the soil,
nurtured by the elements
bearing beauty beyond belief
gifts that we treasure beyond measure
lives that we tend to, 
lives that we propagate
proliferate and  pamper to produce
abundant sustenance, feasts for the table
abundant inflorescence, feasts for the eyes
that is nature's gift so valuable
 a  blessing to our lives

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  1. I love your garden! I love to grow flowers and things beautiful! Your poem is beautiful, as well!

  2. Nice piece. It must have been quite the effort to move your Orchids around like that considering the size of that pot.

  3. Stunning garden glimpses... beautiful poetry to complement such wonderful flowers.

  4. I enjoyed the rythme of the poem, I could hear it being read. Beautiful garden and wonderful photos..

  5. Yes,what beauty for a tribute. Well said.

  6. the nature images are very refreshing and beautiful.

    Thanks for another amazing tribe.

    Happy Potluck.

  7. Beautiful photos and lovely well written piece.

  8. @ marbles in my pocket - thank you for visiting. Please feel free to drop in for potato salad.

  9. Spectacular plant. I don't know much about orchid but i think this is a very rare one. I've never seen a red orchid.

  10. Your orchids do rock. Very pretty too :-)

  11. Wow! I love them. I love the purple orchids too.


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