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Friday, October 28, 2011

Exotic Beauties of the Flowering World

How could anyone not love orchids? I can't resist them. A look at them, and my heart melts. I'm not surprised that the orchid plant is often referred to as the "Queen of the realm of plants". It really looks regal to me, I must say, and the flowers are definitely queenly, demanding our utmost respect. Some orchids are princess-like, needing to be coddled and given the attention that princesses require! 

Orchids are...


and delicate.

Orchids symbolize ...





rare beauty








and splendour.

From what I have read pertaining to the meaning and symbolism attached to orchids, the person who gives a gift of orchids is expressing not only his love, but also his respect for the girl of his dreams. His choice of orchids also speaks of his admiration and he is paying the recipient the highest form of compliment, I feel, when he buys her orchids. Orchids are also universally recognized as the perfect conveyor of the message of love and thoughtfulness. 


If you want to see more orchids like the ones above, click here, and you'll be transported to the garden where all these blooms were photographed.

Nature's Messenger of Love

give her your heart
express your sincere regard 
orchids speak of love

cattleya's thoughtful charm
will bring her to your arms
to reciprocate your love

send her purple orchids galore
this says her rare beauty you adore
that's how you captivate your love

shower her with orchids exotic
bewitch her with its delicate mystique
then you'll be worthy of her love

(For Thursday Poets Rally and Poetry Picnic)

sponge in the wonder
thank nature for she creates
orchids in the breeze

(For Haiku Heights and Haiku My Heart)

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