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Friday, February 3, 2012

Ushering in the Year of The Water Dragon

My garden has a new look to usher in  the new Lunar year. It is the year of the Water Dragon, and my fish pond has a fresh new look, as the water element plays a prominent role, I think, this year. No, I'm no Feng Shui expert, I'm just showing off my pond which has had a spring cleaning!

The bed of mixed perennials which I had last year has now been replaced with a long, wavy flower bed reminiscent of the curves of the dragon, winding its way from the Eastern wall at the entrance, towards the pond! Now that sounds quite professional, but that's just my imagination at work.

It is a good time in my garden, with the bright yellow, orange, lilac and mauve of other  blooms adding to the festive cheer!

                                  The reds were putting on a show, too!

And the canna lilies were just so obliging, turning up in all colours! Each time a new colour blooms, I feel like giving the flower a huge hug.

On my patio, the flowers were bursting with a joyful, springtime spirit!


And the view from my sunroom, mostly mellow...

with some brilliant accents!


Inside the sun room, some vandas make their presence felt.

More blooms to flaunt when I post another feature of my garden all dolled up for the festivities.
But a peep at my grapes in the backyard...they've nicely ripened, for the new year. Sigh...

my garden haven
malaise's relief,soul's music
rapture to my heart

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