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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne

It has been so long since I have posted anything here, I truly miss the blogging buzz and all my friends and garden bloggers terribly!
I've been traipsing around, visiting six botanic gardens and parks in the Melbourne vicinity this autumn. Two of them are second visits, the first being in a different season, so the scenery is markedly different.

I shall start with the Royal Botanic Garden of Melbourne. It was spring when I last visited the RBG, and the vista now, in autumn, is different from then.

For Sensational Haiku Wednesday:

confidence is found 
not in strewn leaves on the ground
forlorn branches sigh

I'm watching her and she doesn't know it! Love this shot.

And of course, the mature trees (some octogenarians among them) add character and dignity to the landscaping.

For Haiku Heights:

gnarled, knotted roots know
old secret of True Wisdom
support or crumble

The sky's saying, "Time to go home, it is almost dusk..."

This one' seems to be saying, " Cough cough! I have to quit this habit soon!"

The flowers are mostly non-existent, but what's left add a certain spark of bravado to the fall scenery.


The Melbourne Observatory here is managed by the RBG, and is open for tours.

The Ian Potter Foundation The Children's Garden, is a fun place for children to discover a variety of plant textures.

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