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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Romantic Gardens of Bali

After a period of readjustment in my garden blog, I am longing to return to normalcy. I have missed that passion with which I had begun my blog in October 2010. I had neglected my love affair, that fine romance I have with the lovely gardens I had visited lately. To recapture that nostalgia, I shall post about my romance with the evocative Balinese garden.

I was in Bali in July 2010, just when Bali was in the grip of the 'Eat.Pray.Love' fever. Julia Roberts had just finished filming the 'Love' segment of the movie and I suppose romance was in the air since this was the segment where Liz finds love. Walking in the gardens among the ancient temples of this exotic island where paddy fields and bicycle lanes are the norm, not the exception in this rural setting, one can definitely feel the essence of romance here.

These photos help to convey the uniqueness of romantic Balinese gardens. The romance lingers even when you leave Bali...the scent of frangipani flowers, the incense of aromatic prayer sticks, the image of green moss on temple walls, the lilting music of the caklempong and bamboo angklung, the dark-eyed dancers expressing their anquish or joy as the tale unfolds in their cultural dances . So walk with me through these gardens and images of Bali and let's fall in love...

   Walk along the riverbank and savour the bright, beautiful day...feel the joy of being   
   among unique palms and trees.
   Breathe in the fresh, unadulterated Bali air.

     Lose yourself in the brilliance of the colours.

    Hear the trumpet flowers making swishing sounds in the wind, heralding your arrival.

 Luxuriate in the cool green shadows of the pines that stretch to the sky.

Embrace that old-world feeling in this rustic setting.

Be welcomed by these petalled water...used in spas to pamper and delight the senses.

Be awed by the skills of the ancient craftsmen whose works of art beautify the gardens.

Be uplifted by the cheery colours of the canna lilies.

Here we say good-bye to this lovely spot on the island of Bali. Truly a garden haven for garden lovers from everywhere in the world.


  1. How incredibly beautiful!!! This garden seems to have a colonial influence. I relly like the statues and the temple. :o) Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. Rosie,

    Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it very much.

  3. TS, Bali is the place to go for a dose of culture. Glad you liked the pictures.
    Lily, thanks for taking the tour.

  4. It looks really beautiful! Note to myself, go to Bali one day.

  5. Beautiful Bali! Always wanted to go there because of the rustic beauty of their gardens and the rich culture.But after the unfortunate things happened there, the bright star has dimmed a bit for me...but still your tour of their garden today make me long to go there again one day! Thanks for sharing Rosie.

  6. @fer...yeah, good to add to your wish list.
    @chandan...tourism is picking up there now, what with the buzz about

  7. wow, what a beautiful beautiful place!

  8. Hi Wendy, welcome to my blog. I checked out your blog and am interested to join the GTTC meme.It is going to be a real challenge to me as I would have to show off my culinary skills, which is underpar.
    Hope to cook something when I next have some vegetables from my garden.


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