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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have you met my Belle of India?

My garden is beginning to reward me with fragrant blooms lately...the most dramatic blooms of all coming from my jasmine plants. This variety is the Jasminum grandiflorum L from the Oleaceae family, commonly known as Belle of India.
These bushes require regular pruning if you want a showy effect like in the photos below. The plants require almost full-sun in order to flower in profusion. If you plant them in flower pots like I do, make sure you water them frequently as they exhaust the moisture in the pot very fast. With moderate applications of fertilizer, these jasmine plants can be easily coaxed to flower. A great plant to have near your patio or favourite garden bench, for the perfume they provide is just heavenly!

                                     White buds impatiently waiting to burst into bloom.

                                White florets filling the garden patio with a delectable fragrance.

   Snowfall on a hot tropical day!!!


The Belle of her pure white sari, feeling the heat on a tropical afternoon.

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  1. My missus grows two types of Jasmine, both climbers... both white in color... one is called common white Jasmine and the other, I White Pricess according to the Japanese... as you mentioned, the perfume is really good... yours seem to be a standing shrub...

  2. Hi Lrong, yes mine are shrubs. I have 4 other varieties (also shrubs)which I shall feature when they behave well.:)


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