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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blooming Friday -Plans For The New Year

I have been thinking of what to plan for my garden in 2011. I am in a state of panic because I have no plans. I'll see what my cow Daisy has to say to advise me.

Daisy:   Moooore vegetables, Rosie. Grow  enough to give to your friends and neighbours.
Rosie:   I know, I know...I haven't been seriously planting vegetables lately. I have lots of packets of seeds,
            though. I'll take them all out of the bottom drawer where I keep them and put them in a basket so I
            can be reminded of them. Is that a good idea?
Daisy:   Noooooo, that is not enough. You have to have a schedule of what to plant, and when to prepare
            the next crop.You want to have a continuous supply of a variety of vegetables, don't you?
Rosie:   Well, okay.
Daisy:   Have moooore pots of herbs on this window only have one pot of spring onions, not
            enough!  Put a pot of basil, a pot of coriander, a pot of parsley....
Rosie:   Right, right, I get the idea.


Rosie:  What do you think I should plan for my front garden? I've already begun to add more
           flowering plants. You've seen my gladioli patches?
Daisy:  In case you haven't noticed darling, I am an inanimate holder for your kitchen towels. We may be
           having this conversation in your head, but the fact remains that I cannot move. Never seen your
           garden! I can only see out of your kitchen window.
Rosie:  You have a point there, Daisy. I'll go talk to the green frog chime on the patio. Thanks.

Rosie:   Hey Katak, can I pick your brains for a minute? I'll let you get on with your lunch in a while.
Katak:  Hey man, yo, watsup?
Rosie:   What should I plan for my garden in 2011? I want more flowers for sure.
Katak:  You're doing alright over there near the wall. I can see the flower borders taking shape.Go for
             bold colours I say, especially where the sun shines strongest all day.
Rosie:   If you say so, okay. Thanks err...dude.


Looks like I've got two huge tasks ahead in 2011.
1) Produce a vegetable plot that produces substantial amounts of produce.
2) Create a colourful border of annuals and perennials that covers the whole length of the wall.

This is a work in progress, beginning with the semi-shaded part of the wall where hydrangeas can thrive.
I began with this theme of lilac-coloured flowers. Will get bolder as I connect this to the gladioli patches which are in full-sun. Wish me luck for the rest of the border!

I am not daunted, however. My West Wall is not anything like the Great Wall of China. Besides, when the whole project is completed, the taste of success would be sweet. After which there's the Southern District of the Land of the Slopes to conquer in 2012. Happy conquests to all my fellow garden warriors. May each victory be recorded in history - or in the scrolls... of your blog pages at least.


  1. This is a fabulous idea! Food and flowers from a home garden, what more can a gardener ask for? Happy New Year 2011, my dear Rosie!

  2. I think your cow give very good advice.
    Happy new year!

  3. @Autumn Belle - Here we are at the start of a new year when friends we got to know last year are now old friends. Happy New Year my dear old friend!

    @Fer - Well, since that cow can't give me milk, at least I can milk it for advice!Heehee.Happy New Year. Waiting eagerly for your carnival.

  4. Good luck Rosie and keep up the blogging! Happy New Year x Charlotte

  5. Listen to Daisy, she knows what she is talking about.

  6. Thats a lot of seed ready for planning. I always get side track when I planned my veggie patch. Hope you have a nice long weekend New Year holidays. May 2011 bring you many joy in your life and garden.

  7. @ Charlotte - Ill need all the lot I can get on my project. Happy gardening in 2011, Charlotte

    @ lifeshighway - Daisy is wiser than she looks, isn't she?

    @ Malay-Kadazan girl - Thanks Diana, and may you and your family enjoy the best of health in 2011.
    I'll try to follow a schedule for my vege plot,like you are doing. :)


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