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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Princess and the Gipsy

For Today's Flowers I'm introducing two of the newest additions to my garden - the princess and the gipsy. Two contrasting profiles, each as beautiful as the other. If you were Prince Charming, which would you favour and bring to the ball? Which is your princess, which your gipsy?

I would love to hear the answer to my questions above. Let's indulge in some fairy tale fantasy on this first Sunday of 2011's posting of Today's Flowers.
Thank you to Luis and company for this meme. Do visit the other blogs by clicking on the Today's Flowers' meme icon at the bottom of this page.


  1. The Princess is Pretty in Pink, with jewels in her hair. And the Gypsy is flashy and gaudy. (I'll have the pink one thanks ;>)

  2. Very beautiful flowers! I think that beautiful pink would make a great gypsy, and I would take her to the dance.

  3. The pink hibiscus is beautiful but it stays for one day only. Just like the gypsies, they don't stay long at the same place.

  4. A difficult choice to make. Both are pretty in their own way.

  5. The pink and the pretty shall be my take...

  6. It seems to me that a princess would wear pink and a gypsy would wear the more daring orange. Both are flamboyant flowers, each in their own way.

  7. Gorgeous blooms! I think I'd go for the gypsy orange myself, but the pink is lovely too.

    Your winged bean post is listed on this month's issue of How to Find Great Plants!

  8. I'm new to your blog! Just arrived here through Onezzz blog! You have beautiful garden!
    Both flowers looks so beautiful....hard to choose....

  9. Hey everybody, I knew there would be many romantics at heart out there who would join in the fun. It is lovely to get your responses - all unique in your reasons for your choices.

    @ Elephants'Eye - Diana, I would have bet you would take the gypsy, wild and free. Who knew you have a preference for prim and proper?

    @ fer - an adventurous young have my permission to take Rosa the gypsy to the ball!

    @ One - from your analogy, may I presume your disdain for the cinderella syndrome...running off at the stroke of midnight is not what you want to happen?

    @ Malay-Kadazan girl - jangan tunggu lama-lama, nanti dua-dua pun diambil orang! You could take both, you know :-)

    @ Lrong - aah, prince charming choosing to take the princess fit to be his queen!

    @ threedogsinagarden - Yes, let's take both and show them off at the ball!

    @ Appalachian Feet - yes, the gypsy girl in her flaming orange ballgown would be the talk of the town at the ball.
    Thanks for reminding me about the issue, Ill be along soon to check it out. I'll be working on a post for the next issue.

    @ Malar - Welcome to mygardenhaven. I'm relatively new, and I'm thrilled to find another Malaysian garden-blogger visiting me. Do visit my page MGBC and join in our tagline fun.

    Hope you fellas take my pseudo pop psychology analysis with more than a pinch of salt!!!

  10. Hey Rosie!

    Nice flowers, so malaysian! ;)

    Have a beautiful year!

  11. @ greatarquitect - hi Betty, you are beginning to recognize Malaysian-looking flowers! That's great.
    Enjoy green-garden-blogging to the fullest this year!


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