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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bodacious Blooms for bodacious. Why did I pick this B-word? Because I like it. I like the attitude that word conjures. I am a bit tired of using the plain old 'b' adjectives to describe the blooms that captivate me, that make my heart skip a beat. 'Beautiful' is a bit worn out and weary, 'bewitching' is becoming too familiar to cast that spell that would be needed for some of my favourite blooms. Hence BODACIOUS.

If flowers could be bold, brassy and bodacious these might make the grade:

Check out ABC Wednesday  for more B words..


  1. Pretty flowers, but great word; I used it in my intro to ABCW this week!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, welcome, and thanks for participating! - ROG

  2. Olá, Rosie!
    Que alegria passear pelo seu blog, tão colorido recheado de flores maravilhosas! Fico muito feliz quando encontro outros amantes da natureza... As plantas nos trazem muita paz,harmonia e equilíbrio para a nossa vida.
    Saudações cariocas!

  3. @ Mª Zélia - I translated your comment, it said: "What a joy to stroll through your blog, so colorful full of wonderful flowers! I am very happy when I meet other lovers of nature ... Plants bring us much peace, harmony and balance to our lives. Greetings from Rio!"
    Thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment. I agree with you, and we would be so much poorer without the beauty of plants and flowers to brighten our world.

  4. Those flowers are really wonderful. Visiting you from ABC Wednesday. Following your blog too. I hope you can return the favor.

    B is for Books

  5. @ Lulu - Thanks for following...I've also joined your google connect as a follower.Interesting stuff on ABC Wednesday.

  6. Pozele tale imi inspira viata, fericire, bogatie florala si bogatie sufleteasca.Sa ai o zi buna!

  7. @ Vasi - I had your message translated : "Your pictures inspire me life, happiness, wealth and rich flora sufleteasca.Sa have a good day!"
    Thank you so much.Hope to get to know my Romanian friend better.

    @ AB - Glad you think so.

    @ Roger Owen Green - Thanks, looks like I'm going to be addicted to ABC from now on.

  8. Love your pics, and you may get me addicted to ABC Wednesday. I am so enticed.

  9. I love the word bodacious - and your flowers are perfect for the word!

  10. @ gardenwalkgardentalk - It would be fun to see how far we can go into the alphabet posting only garden-related stuff.

    @ ginny - Glad you think so, Ginny.

  11. Lovely pictures!
    Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  12. Beautiful photos! love the colors they are so vivid

  13. Those definitely fit "bodacious" for me, too. Lovely!

  14. Hi Rosie, Those are bodacious. I love the second photo with the daisies...very bodacious!

  15. @ Eliza - Thanks. Looking forward to issue #3.

    @ Amy - I like the second picture because the yellow poppies were brazenly waving at me to get my attention away from the other flowers. Bodacious, aren't they?


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