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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Macro Flowers and Today's Flowers - Bursting With Pride

I am just bursting with pride... gladiolus plants are currently bursting with blooms in my own garden!!! Can you believe that? I have already featured their story and mine, or should I say our history, in the previous post. Now I want us all to get up-close and personal with Dark Eyes and Her Majesty. Here they are :


I just can't get enough of glads. 

To view more lovely blooms, go to Macro Flowers and Today's Flowers. Click on the links which you can find on this page if you patiently scroll all the way down. Cheers and have fun.


  1. They are gorgeous and you are right. One can never get enough of such beauty.

  2. Fantastic flowers on the Gladiolus when you look close.

    Have a nice weekend

  3. I love Glads, and these are amazing photos. They are the best cut flowers! Enjoy!

  4. @ One - That's why I would love to get some more corms...anyone with spare corms to send me???

    @ Gunilla - Yes, they look so good in macro shots.

    @ PlantPostings - I don't have the heart to cut them for the table, but I guess they last longer indoors in a vase.

  5. I'm not sure where your garden is, but I'm jealous. We won't see glads until August. My grandfather always grew them and now my mother grows them and sells them in a little road side stand. I love them.


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