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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Macro Flowers - The flower of passion.

Who could be unaffected by this flower, the passion flower. The first time I saw this flower, I was intoxicated...both with passion for the passion flower as well as by the sweet aromatic fragrance that it exudes. It  was at least 15 years ago when I planted my first passiflora vine. I vividly remember eagerly scanning the vine for fresh buds. The appearance of each bud filled me with  giddy expectation. The mornings found me waking up early just to have my rendezvous with this spectacular beauty. Today, I'm no less enamoured. You might want to meet her, so here she is, the flower that fills me with passion...PASSIFLORA INCARNATA.

To view more Macro Flowers, do visit maiaT by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


  1. Love, love passion flowers! Thanks for the sunshine - its been so cold and rainy here...happy GBBD!

  2. I love the passion flower, too. Al tough I grew up calling it a May Pop.

  3. I grew passionflowers when I lived in South Carolina. They are so exotic, they are almost otherwordly! Great photos! :o)

  4. Beautiful flower! I can see why you have to check the vine first thing every morning! I love all the details in the second shot!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by LightandVoices and leaving a comment. The sunset image was taken out of the camera as is; the only thing I did was crop it. Lucky me! I just became a follower of yours today.
    Joyce M

  6. @ The Whimsical Gardener - Who can resist its charms? You just got to love them.

    @ TS - Thank you, glad you like passion flowers too. I was looking at your header picture, and noticed that Lucy is so much like my Potsie - they both look out for squirrels with that same posture and diligence.

    @ lifeshighway - Yes, I found out that it is known as May Pop in the United States. Why May Pop though?

    @ Judy - You know, when there's a breeze, you can just drown in the fragrance - it is a light, yet distinct perfume, better than any that comes in a bottle!

    @ Light and Voices - Thank you Joyce - you are my 20th follower.

  7. This looks like the Passiflora laurifolia that Dr. Ng grows at the Secret Garden of 1-U. It has a lovely scent like English roses. Please let me know where did you get the seedling as I have been hunting high and low for this plant.

  8. @ Autumn Belle - I bought the vine from a garden nursery in Malacca. I could give you a young plant as there are new plants growing near the parent plant.


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