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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Skywatch Friday- Sky over Moeraki Boulders

When watching the sky, remember to keep your eye on the ground once in a while. It is fine to gaze at the clouds, trying to make out what the shapes look like, but you might just trip on a pebble, or bump into a boulder if you do that on this particular beach.

This is one place where the 'skyscape' might possibly be overshadowed by the landscape. We were informed about the spectacular  Moeraki boulders by a friendly, chatty local who said we might want to stop at the beach to see some rocks. We asked her why, and she said, "Oh, it is just a place where tourists like to stop and see those rocks there, take some photos..." she shrugged. What an understated introduction to the famous Moeraki Boulders, a site which is one of the most visited and photographed site in all of New Zealand! We later learned that these 'rocks' are rare natural wonders formed from ancient mud balls.

Are these rocks stealing the thunder from the serenity of the skies above them? Or are the skies providing the best backdrop ever to these unique natural formations? You be the judge of that.

What a beautiful sky...perfect for a blissful day to spend at the beach.

Lone Ancient Rock, looking up at the sky, wishing he could be a cloud, wispy and light, free to roam the New World.

The contrast between the texture of the rock in the foreground and the sky in the background is phenomenal.

If you were an artist, which would give you more pleasure to paint? Boulders or that sky above?

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  1. How odd! I've never seen any geological formations like this. I would say that the boulders and sky complement each other perfectly. :)

  2. aloha

    this is a beautiful beach, i would love to paint both the boulders and sky - its inspiring

    have a great weekend

  3. Beautiful mud rocks!!! I am more drawn towards the rocks. How about you?

  4. I too am amazed by the unique rocks. They make such a nice composition in your images with the pretty sky.

  5. Hi Rosie,

    Your photos are breath taking! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello. I entered you into my contest.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Love your compositions Rosie, happy SWF!

  7. The rocks are like masterpiece of mother nature.

  8. @ Eliza @ Appalachian Feet - Yeah they are really ancient rocks! The sky's ancient too, come to think of it, so they do complement each other.

    @ noel - Thanks for visiting - your blog is interesting!

    @ One - For me, I would paint both - the rocks really need the sky in the background for contrast.

    @ gardenwalkgardentalk - amazing, yes!I should try my hand at painting the rocks...looks simple enough??

    @ Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy - Thank you so much. Eagerly awaiting the results.

    @ Brit Gal Sarah - Thanks Sarah, coming from a talented photographer like you, that compliment is certainly going to be a treasured one!

    @ Autumn Belle - So maybe we can create a masterpiece of art inspired by nature's art.


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