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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pink Powder Puff, Deserted

Can't think of anything in my garden that is deserting me...on the contrary, there are more weeds now that I wish would go away, more pests that I wish would crawl or fly away... . However there is one particular tree in a corner of my garden that has been feeling pretty neglected by her owner, and I see signs that she is planning to desert me. No, she is not packing her suitcases in the middle of the night and preparing to tip-toe out of my garden-gate though she might just do that. I deserve that kind of 'stealing out when I'm not looking' treatment because I had hurt her feelings. For a long time, I had forgotten to give her the pampering she deserves, as she is such a well-behaved plant that I had taken her for granted. She produces pretty flowers regularly without any prompting. These flowers dutifully turn into pretty berries which look like raspberries.

As with anything that is out of sight, this plant is also out of the owner's mind. No fertilizer
fridays for her, not even on any other day of the week! Now she has grown spindly, and her branches are rather bare of leaves - they had long deserted her..

She stares out of the window, hoping against hope that her owner would one day give her a second look, realize that here is a plant pining for attention.
And wonder of wonders, it happened on fertilizer friday!!! Rosie came to give her the best fertilizer that was usually applied on her precious  hydrangeas and her other showy flowering favourites. She trimmed the dead twigs, and.... is she drawing her camera out of her pocket??? Is she going to give the greatest gift of all - the gift of appreciation to this forlorn specimen? No, this can't be happening - it is a dream. Rosie does not even know her name!!

Click - click - click!

The flowers might inspire a designer to use it as fabric motif  for a Shanghainese  'cheongsam' (elegant ladies' costume)

She gives her best smile to the camera. The camera loves her. She glows with happiness. This is her moment of fame, glory. But more than that, she is no longer deserted, but was lost and has been found!

This could very well be a chinois print.

Note from Rosie : Does anyone know the name of this plant? I had always thought it was a bottle-brush, but guess it isn't. Please leave me a note if you know this plant. It needs the recognition due to it, don't you think?

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Thanks to Autumn Belle, we now know the name of this pretty flower - Calliandra emarginata.


  1. Rosie, this plant is very beautiful with striking pink blooms that look like exploding fire-crackers. It is blooming and fruiting now and the fruits are like raspberries. They also look like rubies. I think this is very auspicious since it is Chinese New Year now.

    Regarding the name, I think it is Calliandra emarginata. You can google to check it out. It should have kidney shaped leaves arranged in pairs, beans in a pod and fruits like raspberries. The leaves open under the morning sun and fold up when the sun sets and repeat the process the next day. How interesting!

  2. Wow..what a beautiful plant!
    Have a nice weekend! / Irene

  3. Amazing plant and a fantastic colour too.

    Have a nice weekend

  4. The furry flowers remind me of the bottle brush but the latter has the willowy look. The flowers and spotted trunks are beautiful.

  5. @ Autumn Belle - You are a real gem...thanks so much for identifying my plant. I checked it out and you are spot on. I know who to ask the next time.

    @ IreneL - Thank you for liking my Calliandra emarginata!!!

    @ Gunilla - Thank you for stopping by. Always a pleasure to see you here.

    @ One - That's why I thought it was a bottle brush until I saw the real bottle brush plant!

  6. @ Katarina - Thanks for visiting. Glad you think so too.

  7. Hi Rosie, I love your plant, so very interesting and exotic.

    I wish you a great week/ Greeting from Tyra in a cold but sunny Vaxholm

  8. @ TYRA - Welcome to my sunny and warm garden haven. Thanks for visiting.

  9. I have NO idea what that plant is...but I think it is fantastic! great was fun to read...I hope that plant comes back to it's grand appearance soon! Can't wait till you join in again...thank for linking in this week!


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