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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cydista Aequinoctialis, my garlic vine

My garlic vines on my pergola have started blooming! I'm so happy. That is why I have decided to flaunt the flowers on Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday, and at the same time bring  these blooms to their Debutante's Ball at Carol's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. My blooms are just shy, young debutantes waiting with trepidation to be introduced to the world of blooms today.

This is the pergola my husband made for me,on his own, without any help! My vines are flowering to thank him for me.

'Garlic Vine' is the common name for Cydista Aequinoctialis
Let us see if Miss G-Vine has the 'genealogy' which is appropriate enough for her to be accepted by polite society.

FAMILY : Bignoniaceae
ORIGIN : Tropical America
SIZE : medium vine 6' - 8'
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full to partial sun
MIN. TEMP. : low 30's
FLOWER : spring and fall
COMMENTS : when crushed, the leaves smell like garlic 

Oh-oh, I spot a tiny problem here, she might be a little off-putting at a ball if she smells like garlic. Hope she's not crushed when on the dance floor!

The vine flowers only twice a year...what  shy, shrinking violets!

When they do flower, they do it in style and in profusion.
These delightful flowers last only a few days on the vine, appearing lighter in colour each day until they turn fully white.

This one's for you Tootsie, for giving me a chance to flaunt my flowers!

And this one's for you, Carol. Thanks for hosting this meme.

If you wish to see more blooms, click on the Fertilizer Friday and GBBD links at the bottom of this page.


  1. Oh! They are beautiful. I'm surprised to hear that they only flower twice a year. Your hubby did a good job. What he made enhanced the beauty further.

  2. @ One - Thank you so much for that lovely compliment,One. Ill be sure to convey that to hubby.

  3. Rosie, Very nice profile of a plant I have never heard of. Gorgeous flowers--I am wondering if they smell like garlic.

  4. I haven't heard of this plant before...but I am appreciating how pretty it is!!! That is a great pergola...I would love one of these in my gardens...thanks so much for sharing this post with my Fertilizer Friday group! I do hope you will link in again in the future!

  5. Wah your hubby is good leh. The pergola is nice and looks strong too! Beautiful flowers on the pergola, i've never heard of it but would like to find out more from the nurseries!

  6. Wow Rosie!

    The pergola is pretty inspiring!

  7. @ Carolyn - they actually do smell like garlic! If you crush the petals with your fingers, you will get a whiff of garlic.

    @ Tootsie - Wow,thanks, my husband might just build another pergola with all these praises he is getting.But he deserves it, and I am proud of him as I used to doubt this DIY skills and often discouraged him from handling a hammer!!

    @ milka - Thanks. I like your compliment lah. This vine is easy to find in Malaysia, but the nurseries don't keep many of them.If you are ever in Melaka, I could give you some of the young plants that keep sprouting though I usually pull them out and throw them away.

    @ anisfairy - Yup, that it is - if you view the header photo of my garden, you can see how high it is!

  8. Beautiful flower! I never seens and heard about it before!
    Your husband have built a good pergola too!

  9. Hello Rosie,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words about my photos. Yours isn really nice. Good luck with your plans for the year I will be regurlarly visiting to see your progress Best, Lula

  10. @ Malar - Thanks for the pergola praise!

    @ Mac_from Australia - Thanks, and welcome to my garden haven!

    @ Lula - Happy to have you here, anytime!

  11. The vines are lovely and that pergola is my dream garden hardscape. You are so lucky!

  12. @ Autumn Belle - I admit I am lucky. The pergola also has a seat - so that visitors can have a different vantage point of the garden from there.

  13. Beautiful blooms. I found your blog by looking up this vine as I just found out today that this is what I have blooming. I love it.

    Here's a link to my post with pictures.

    Now that I've visited I need to check out more of your blog.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  14. Really nice snaps. This was growing on the walls of our office and I was trying to find out what is was. Thanks for giving me a beautiful answer through all those beautiful picutures. I have also started a nature blog. Read when you get time. :) Keep blogging.Keep taking nice pics and posting.


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