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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bauhinia Kockiana

If you're looking for a spectacular show of vermilion-yellow blooms in your garden, this climber you see here, the Red Trailing Bauhinia, or Kock's Bauhinia, is the plant for your garden. The sun-loving flowers bloom almost all year round if you are in the tropics.

This plant is don't have to feed it often, but just make sure they get enough water. Pruning is essential to encourage more of the showy scarlet blooms to make an appearance.

They grow very quickly and if you have an arbor, or a pergola, the vines will cover your structure in no time. And when the blooms grow crazy like a party gone wild, you'll be proud to say you have a Bauhinia Kockiana in your garden!

Scarlet profusion
Drenched in tropical shower
Quenched by ambrosia 

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