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Friday, December 10, 2010

Potted Plants are Pretty.

Pansies sitting pretty ia an earthen garden pot.

Delightful flowers that brighten up your garden.

Love those huge pots...great for mass effect for flowers like this.

Fresh as a daisy!

Hanging pot of impatience.

To spice up your day,  go pick some flowers …click here to visit Today’s Flowers.

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Posted November 20, 2010 by mygardenhaven1 in Categories — Edit
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22 responses to TODAY’S FLOWERS

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  1. Lovely flowers. I love the colors.
    • Hi Ellada, lovely of you to visit. I have added a few more photos for Today’s Flowers. All these potted plants were photographed in New Zealand. All the flpwers look so freah, don’t they? Here in the tropics, they look fresh mainly in the morning.
  2. Beautiful photos!
    the hanging pot looks amazing, and I so does that white pansy
  3. So nice to see your beautiful flowers… my gardens are white with snow this morning.
    • Hi Meredehuit,
      There’s beauty in that too, a snow-covered garden. I like especially to see snow on bare branches.
      Cheers and come often to my blog when you miss summer and long to get some sunshine and happy chit-chat.
      :) Rosie
  4. Very pretty flowers. I have not seen those yellow and purple mix flowers before.
  5. Lovely flowers. I cant decide if I like Pansies or not I prefer the smaller Violas
    • Hello Rajesh,
      Wow your blog is so exotic, the colours of the header so vibrant and truly representative of India. Welcome to my blog.
      Those flowers are pansies…we seldom get them in Malaysia. But I have a packet of seeds that I’ll try to grow and watch what happens.
    • Hey there Helen,
      Pansies have that puppy-dog face you just can’t not like, I think. Hope my pansy seeds produce lots of puppies.
      What are violas like?
  6. I love pansies and the little violas. They are such happy flowers and your photos are wonderful of them.
  7. You’ve displayed some of my favorite colors in flowers… and your previous post is wonderful… especially the cherry trees in bloom! L
    • Thanks for your kind comments, Larry.
      I read in your post about your ‘lifestyle change’ due to what all gardeners suffer from – the occupational hazard of gardening injuries. I have my share too, so am wiser now…I try not to overdo it in the garden.
      Take it easy,
  8. I know some folks sneer at pansies, but they are quite useful in the really cold weather of early spring and late fall. Not much else is tough enough to bloom at those times where I live.
    The big, gray roundish pots were my favorites, but I suppose they wouldn’t hold up well to snow….
    Christine in Alaska
  9. Hi Christine,
    Yeah, just because pansies sprout so easily, familiarity breeds contempt. They are actually very pretty.
    Keep warm,
  10. I’m glad I’ve found your blog… after your kind message on Blotanical – I love pansies – they give so much colour at times of year when there’s not a great deal else… it’s really starting to get wintry here in France and v. cold weather due this weekend! Not sure we’ll have many blooms left after the hard frosts forecast! Take care Miranda
    • Hey Miranda,
      Welcome! So winter is a time for gardeners to rest over there. By the time spring arrives, wouldn’t you have a lot to do? Over here, we have a lot to do all year round.
  11. Hi Miranda – how nice to see colour as we enter the drabber months here. Love the planting in the big round pots – just want to hug them
    thanks for sharing
    • Hi Laura,
      Glad to meet you Laura. Your patch is pretty popular on Blotanist. I like your latest post, esp the anecdote about the fox and the archbishop!
      By the way, I’m Rosie, not Miranda. Miranda was just visiting. Ha ha. I guess the format for my comments page is a trifle confusing. But you’ll get used to it. Do come again.
  12. Hi Rosie, I am so happy to meet you and welcome to Today’s Flowers. This is a great place to meet new friends and wonderful people and I hope you will enjoy come back each week. Thank you also for visiting me. I have certainly enjoyed stopping by at your wonderful blog. Your photography is outstanding and I have also enjoyed the lovely flowers you’ve shared with us here. Thank you and I hope you have a great week!
    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Will certainly carry on posting on Today’s Flowers. Always a pleasure to have new friends drop in. Am getting to know you from reading your postings. Let’s keep in touch, ok?

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