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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yesterday's buds, Today's Flowers

A tribute to is about time I did one! After all, aren't we gardeners always looking out for buds on the branches of fruit trees, on the stems of flowering plants? We look with anticipation, and the slightest sign of a bud brings forth a cheer, a yelp of delight!

For more Today's Flowers, click on the link below:

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  1. Hi I am new here, those first two photos are so lovely, showing the stages of opening. I wish the 3rd one is the already fully opened stage.

  2. What riches...
    and promise in all sorts of colour

  3. Oh, I love flower buds, sometimes as much as the opened flower. There's just something so promising about a bud and the glory to come. Lovely photos!

  4. very beautiful photos! I am so eager for somethig green to show in my garden.

  5. Beautiful! It's so nice to see so many flowers in bloom.

  6. Hi Rosie; nice to meet you in your garden. The best place to forge a friendship. I read your writing about me (you) and I absolutely agree with you. Your shrubs show many buds and it is exciting, especially when it is new acquisition. Hibiscus are such great plants with their exotic flowers and quite hardy and not demanding.
    Thank you Rosie for following I will do the same on your blog. My main garden blog is "Lavender and Vanilla. See you around!

  7. @ Rajesh - Thanks for visiting mygardenhaven.

    @ Andrea - I did consider having the open bloom following the buds, but wanted to do the reveal in the next Today's Flowers. Keep the suspence going a liitle. :-)

    @ Joco - Wait for the promise to be revealed next week.

    @ Karen - Thanks. Cheers to buds!!!

    @ Iowa Gardening Woman - It's been a long, cold winter, huh?

    @ EG Wow - Wait for the bursts of colours.

  8. @ Titania - Welcome! And lovely to have you here. Although hibiscus are hardy, two of my plants perished on my slope...guess that's the price I pay for being away on holidays too often. But I do love hibiscus.


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