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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Four square pots
With blue plumbago
Share your thoughts
On how to make them grow

As you can see, my plumbago plants are still too little for their pots. They have not grown much since I planted them almost a year ago. Oh dear, what can the matter be?

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  1. Rosie, maybe because the pots are in the shades..

  2. Nice rhyme! No help Rosie but would love to grown them if they were not so frost tender. They are supposed to be large plants so wonder too about the shadiness of your spot

  3. Beautiful little flower, and that light blue is just so pretty!

  4. Such a beautiful plant...try giving them a little more sun and feed them with "Miracle Grow" and stand back and watch them take off!!!

  5. A little more sun and some natural the pots have drainage holes???

  6. They look very healthy to me. I'm sure they will grow with your tender loving care.

  7. @ p3 and PatioPatch - They are in partial shade, so both of you may be right.

    @ Icy BC - They are prettier when the flowers cover the bush...which I'm going to work on making sure they do.

    @ Jan n Jer - Wow, I like the confidence with which you prescribed the cure. Thanks so much. Will do so!

    @ Donna - Yes ,in fact they drain too well I think. OK, I'll be more regular with the fertilizer. I had been feeding them with fine compost off and on.

    @ One - Ok, I'l give them a large dose of TLC!

    Thanks everyone!

  8. I have never grown plumbago before. Pretty flowers.

  9. Before the area became too shady, I had them in morning sun and they thrived...they don't care much for the hot, afternoon sun...They do have the sweetest little flowers!

  10. The plumbago are so beatuiful!
    Love them!

  11. @ MKG - I have seen them as landscpe plants for the streets here in Melaka, and sometimes they are covered with blooms. At other times, they look bare and miserable.

    @ Cat - Right now here in my garden they are getting the morning sun. Guess I'm in for a good showing of plumbago (with enough TLC lavished on them, of course) Thanks for sharing, Cat.

    @ LindaLunda - Theirs is such a sweet blue, I love them too.


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