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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Royally Yours

The first time I visited Sydney was in the middle of summer. There wouldn't be any spring flowers for me to enjoy, I knew that, so what I was looking forward to were to see the roses in bloom. My first encounter with Australian-grown roses years ago was in Brisbane, where I saw the largest specimen of a rose I had ever seen in 'Just Joey'. When we were at the Royal Botanic Garden, 
the Feature Garden where I spent more time exploring was the Palace Rose Garden. It was in full bloom, with a mixture of standard, bush and weeping roses.

The Rose Garden here, I learned, is a popular venue for weddings. My daughter had been invited to her friend's wedding there that summer. How romantic, I thought.

 Summer also brought with her hosts of blue, indigo-purple and white agapanthus  or 
 African  Lily. The name agapanthus comes from the Greek agap (love) and anthos (flower). 
 It is most appropriate for a wedding to be held in the midst of these Flowers of Love, I would


  1. Hi Rosie!

    Thank you for the beautiful flowers to enjoy today. I can almost smell them. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello. I'm going on over to your travel blog now and take a look around. :>)

    Best and God bless,


  2. Hi Rosie
    I like the 2nd picture most.Greta job you have done.If you could capture little bit closely,it will be better.

  3. it is absolutely a treat to see your photos!

  4. Lilies are so beautiful.... they keep flowering, again and again.

  5. @ Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy - Thanks Kathy for checking out my new blog as well.

    @ Shifan - Thanks for following my blogs. Happy to have you visit.

    @ Tootsie - Thanks for dropping by here. I have my wwekly flaunting of flowers for your meme on another post, have you seen it? "False Start"

    @ Bangchik - I've bought an agapanthus plant in Malaysia before, but didn't manage to save the bulb for a second round of flowering. Our climate is way too hot.


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