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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Agapanthus - the African Lily

For Haiku Heights

Lily white petals, pure
Softly bend in the breeze
A mother's command

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To the hosts of the above memes, thank you for all the weeks of fun you give to me.


  1. It's likes a white world. Love it very much.

  2. They're beautiful and a nice haiku to complement it. I haven't mastered writing a haiku tho. Looking at your blog makes me want to get some same flowers too. Ha-ha.

  3. I love those old time lilies.. I am following you here too.. Have a great night!

  4. Beautiful photo, and your words are truly cosmic. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  5. Beautiful macro shot. Love white agaphantus.

  6. Nice shot , wonderfull this flowers, greeting from Belgium

  7. What a gorgeous plant, lovely white flowers.

  8. Love lillies... you did a fine job of photographing this one. White flowers can be a real challenge that way! Cheers from Texas!

  9. So pretty flower. Happy SOOC Sunday.

  10. One of my favorite plants. An entire bouquet on one stem.

  11. The lilies are very lovely and inspire beautiful poetry.

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello. I appreciate it. I had a wonderful time meeting my blogging friend...she is the fourth one I have had the opportunity to meet in person since I started blogging in 2006!

  13. What beautifully placed words in your haiku - and such a stunning picture of your garden. Really quite inspirational, thank you.


  14. this plant is a gift. So rich in flowers and such a beauty. :)

  15. love this.
    superb and beautiful.

  16. Gorgeous!

    Please come see my flower, have a great week ahead.

  17. First of all, thanks to all of you who stopped by...I enjoyed your visit tremendously!

    @ Tootsie, Shifan and Rajesh - Glad you liked this flower that I posted.

    @ Raine - Thanks for the compliment. I also am just getting into this haiku thing...not easy at all, though I'm slowly catching on as to what a haiku should contain.

    @ Ray, Lrong, ilanadavita, January, gengen and Eden - I'm so glad this flower is one you all like!

    @ Pblacksaw - Welcome aboard, Patsy!

    @ Boonie S - Thanks, and be seeing you at the next meme!

    @ Maia - Dear Maia, thank you for visiting...and cheers to Macro Flowers!

    @ Luna Miranda, Jan, Modern Mum, Stephani, Nature Footstep, Jingle and Teresa - Happy that this flower made you happy!

    @ glh - Welcome, glad you dropped in. The haiku speaks of a mother's soft commands - wonder how many agree with that image of the white agapanthus as representative of the message in my haiku.

    @ Danielle Says Hello - I haven't had the opportunity yet of meeting any of mine, since I have only recently started blogging (6 months new!)Hope to though, one day.

    @ April - So many flowers inspire us to become poets, I do agree...

    @ John S. Mead - Thank you so much, sometimes a point and shoot camera can do wonders with the right subject, in this case, an obliging white agapanthus!

  18. Beautiful...I can't wait to see flowers blooming again.

  19. rosie,

    your haiku and burst of magnificent lily white takes my breath away.
    thank you for joining in on haiku my heart, certainly you have won mine!

    i hope you return again and again! your beauty slays me.

  20. Mother Nature's command heard and followed it would seem :) a beautiful haiku and image to match. Welcome to Haiku Heights!

  21. This is gorgeous!
    Lovely haiku!

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  22. @ Judy and Carletta - Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment.

    @ Adrian and Vinay - Your words encourage me to further delve into the perplexing realm of haiku-dom. Thank you.



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