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Friday, June 3, 2011

Landscaped Gardens of Hong Kong Disneyland

I have just got back from a visit to Hong Kong and am pleased to feature the Hong Kong Disneyland landscaping style for your viewing pleasure.

Intricately manicured hedges 

I wasn't aware of how much planning had gone into creating the park, but I was struck by the variety of flowering plants and shrubs. The whole park is a vast botanical garden! I found out later that the horticulture teams of Walt Disney Imagineering had spent three years researching and locating suitable trees and shrubs to create the desired look. There were lovely flowerbeds many of which are filled with plants from southern China, Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand.

 Main Street, U.S.A.

The landscaping here around the Plaza and Town Square is said to be typical of municipal parks in small towns in America at the turn of the century.

 A pretty sight

Such a pleasant colour scheme.

Well-kept beds of begonias and coleus


In the rainforest jungles of Adventureland where Tarzan lives, there are tropical shrubs and giant trees beside a man-made river.

A touch of Angkor Wat?

 Yellow flowers from the buttercup tree

You can spot elephants and chimpanzees by the river

Large-leaved flowering shrubs

Topiary Gardens of Fantasy Land

Leafy shrubs are shaped into animals that look like cute unicorns, dancing bears and dinosaurs.

An eye-catching design

Is that a topiary resembling Mickey in the background?

For Glenda, Maia and Laura, here's a macro that I would like to flaunt!

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  1. Wow what a well thoughtout design in the park. Lovely.

  2. It is amazing how each Disney is different yet somewhat the same...lovely gardens ...catching up on reading my fav blogs since I have been away for a while...

  3. Nobody does it quite like Disney!
    You captured the landscaping beautifully!
    I would love to visit that particular Adventure Land. :)
    Carletta's Captures

  4. @ Darla, Donna, Gardening in a sandbox, and Carletta - Thanks. Adventureland was the best part I agree...the rainforest so lush and authentic.

  5. The gardens are so beautiful. I especially like your macro photo.

  6. I love your pictures. Plants and flowers are a precious gift from God.

  7. That must have been a wonderul trip.
    Everything looks so neat here, lovely landscape design.
    You took some great photos of all beauties there; flowers and animals.

  8. Fascinating! Thank you for the tour of Hong Kong Disneyland. As well as enjoying the flowers and bushes, I have found the various fences most interesting.

  9. What a beautiful garden, and you did a fantastic job in showing it! Wonderful photos

  10. Beautiful garden and flowers are awesome.

  11. Wow...what a beautifully taken group of photos. And nobody does it like Disney!
    I wanna go!

  12. Looks like you have been having fun. I was wondering why the long absence. I like the photo of the tree by the river very much.

  13. My father was an engineer working for Disney when they built Walt Disney World in Florida so I have been there more times than you can count. The gardens, hedges, and plantings are indeed amazing. I really enjoyed looking through your photos...they are definitely Disneyesque but with Hong Kong written all over them. This is an amazing series. Loved every second of it.

  14. Wow love this post. I just went wild and didn't notice the landscape when i visited the park... lol.


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